What Does an Active Independent Senior Living Community Look Like?

Senior residents at an active senior living community working out by lifting weights with an instructor

Myths about senior living and stereotypes about aging may deter you from considering an active senior living community. But consider this: When we ask our residents what they regret about their move, they consistently give us the same answer. They wonder why they waited so long, and they wish they had moved sooner. 

According to a recent AARP survey, three-quarters of Americans age 50 or older say they want to remain in their homes as they age. Perhaps you’re one of them. 


An active senior living community offers an exceptional quality of life. Whether you envision a Golden Girls fantasy of living among your best friends and endlessly cracking jokes, or you’re taking your adventurous retirement cues from Indiana Jones by indulging in plenty of travel, a welcoming community serves as a launchpad for your dreams. 

The transition to a senior living community creates opportunities for more social contact, more new relationships, and less work. That means more time and energy to do whatever strikes your fancy—forget about cooking, cleaning, and worrying about who will watch your house when you jet off on your next adventure. At Cedarhurst, we’re here for you at every stage of your journey. 

Let’s take a look at six ways that our active senior living communities can change your life.  

What does a day in the life look like at an independent living community? Read Bob’s story about independent living at Cedarhurst of Sedalia.

1. A Chance to Focus on What Makes You Happy

Life is full of responsibilities like those leaking gutters, that eye doctor appointment you’ve been putting off, the decluttering projects hanging over your head, and more. It’s easy to feel like you have to endlessly delay the things you want most—a good book, a vacation, stress-free time with family—until you check everything off of your to-do list. 

The right community makes this concern a thing of the past, freeing you to focus on what you enjoy most. You won’t have to worry about home maintenance, meal preparation, shopping for groceries, or mowing the lawn. 

Instead, you can prioritize your own needs and ambitions. Whether you want to start a business, travel the world, read to the grandkids more often, or just catch up on lost sleep, community living supports those dreams. Do what matters most, and watch how your life changes. 

2. Greater Independence

Let’s face it: Stereotypes about aging are depressingly common. It’s natural to worry about your independence in a world that continues to devalue the wisdom and benefits that come with age. Whether you’re in exceptional health, worried about aches and pains, or seriously concerned about a chronic medical condition, you may also have some concerns about what the future holds if you ever need a little extra support. 

The right community can actually boost your independence. You’ll have fewer worries and responsibilities, making it easier to live life every day on your own terms. Moreover, the focus on self-care, fitness, and wellness through better eating and better living can improve your health and prolong your independence. For people who need a bit of extra support, the right community scaffolds them to greater independence, removing the need to rely on children or paid outside caregivers. 

Our residents travel the world, spend time with their families, look after their health, and more. Independence and autonomy are foundational in Cedarhurst communities. 


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3. Deeper Relationships 

Our relationships make life worth living. However, in spite of today’s increasingly connected world, real community often feels more difficult to access. 

If you’re craving a sense of belonging and connection, a senior living community may be the answer. These vibrant, intentional places offer a chance to build relationships rooted in mutual care and concern with people who share your values and interests. Simply step outside your door or stroll around the community, and you’ll find plenty of opportunities for good conversation, a hearty laugh, and a lasting connection. 

You’ll also gain a chance to deepen your relationships with your loved ones. Freed from the stress of daily chores and home maintenance, you can turn your full attention to them. Enjoy a delicious meal together that you don’t have to prepare or clean up, and forget about the challenges of navigating caregiving needs. You won’t have to worry about asking kids or other loved ones for help, which can restore a sense of balance to these important relationships. 

4. Effortless Lifestyle

Think a beautiful home, a meticulously landscaped lawn, and delicious meals all day every day require constant work? Think again. 

Active senior living communities offer effortless living. You’ll live in a well-designed, maintenance-free home where you don’t even have to take care of housekeeping—unless you want to. Stroll around beautiful green spaces, and enjoy vibrant blossoms in the warm months. If you’re tired of grocery shopping and cooking, you can outsource that, too, enjoying healthy and nourishing meals you’ll never have to clean up. You may never wash a dish again. 

5. Lower Stress 

Stress feels awful, and it’s awful for you. Chronic stress can cause headaches, stomach pain, weight gain, concentration difficulties, memory impairment, and more. And for many, the stress feels inescapable. 

Life in an active senior living community means that some of the most chronic stressors are also the most avoidable. You don’t have to clean every day or worry about maintaining your home. You don’t have to fight with loved ones about caregiving decisions or fret about when that leaky roof needs to be replaced. Waiting in line at the grocery store and feeling anxious about how best to prepare healthy, delicious food can become things of the past. 

Active senior living communities take care of the demands of daily life including cooking and home maintenance, so you can prioritize your own needs and mental health. The stress reduction is immediate and often quite dramatic. 

6. Better Food 

Food is fuel for your body. As such, it’s a major predictor of long-term health. You deserve food that tastes good and nourishes your body—and your future health. Even people who love to cook, though, may get sick of daily cleaning, of fighting traffic to get to the grocery store, and of endless meal planning. 

AT CEDARHURST, you only have to cook when you want to, and you never have to have another argument about who does the dishes. We offer exceptional meals all day, every day. Some features include: 

  • Seasonal, locally inspired flavor
  • Recurring classics and comfort foods that are available all day 
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables, often grown and harvested locally
  • Chef-styled dining to excite your palate 
  • A gorgeous dining setting so you can enjoy restaurant-style eating each and every day 

Learn more about our new Crafted by Cedarhurst culinary program.

How Independent Living at an Active Senior Living Community Empowered Bob H.

Two years ago, Bob H. was conflicted about his move to independent living. A recent widower, he was anxious about making such a big change. 

He spent most of his life as a youth specialist in the University of Minnesota extension office, and also had a thriving career as a realtor. He loved his five grandchildren. He missed his wife, who had recently died. He had some health issues and didn’t feel confident living alone. He didn’t want to disrupt what was great about his life, but he also knew it was time for something new. 

So, Bob took the plunge and moved to Cedarhurst of Sedalia. His kids were skeptical and worried about the impact of making such a huge decision after suffering a significant emotional loss. But Bob was determined to make the most of this next chapter. 

And he was right. Bob loves Cedarhurst, and his kids have come around, too. He’s making new friends, enjoying great food, and benefiting from the many programs available each day. 

Maybe you can relate. Maybe you’re not sure about making a move—or perhaps your kids are skeptical. Want to learn more about what a transition to active independent senior living looks like? Read Bob’s entire story here

Independent living resident at Cedarhurst of Sedalia

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