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What is assisted living?

Assisted living provides care tailored to each senior resident and their needs. This type of community is designed for individuals who require different levels of daily assistance and services. Each resident’s personal and medical needs are taken care of while the resident enjoys the community’s amenities and lives life to its fullest. 

Our Mission

At Cedarhurst, we create communities where each person feels loved, valued, supported, and able to live life to the fullest.

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Pair to Prepare

Moving to a senior living community is exciting, but it is still a big change. At Cedarhurst, our innovative signature program Pair to Prepare offers new residents the opportunity to have a family member stay with them at no cost during the first few days of their move.

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The Cedarhurst Promise

You'll love it here, and we want you to trust us. Our 60-day money-back guarantee gives you peace of mind as you settle into your community.

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Assisted living communities offer many different assistance options to provide the right level of care. From minimal supportive care assistance that ensures healthy daily habits are maintained, to more attentive and supervisory assistive care, to comprehensive care, each person’s needs are met.

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Looking for the right senior living community?

Understanding Assisted Living Costs

The most frequently asked question about assisted living is pricing. Because of the different available levels of care, lifestyle types, and locations, pricing can seem confusing. Factors that impact assisted living costs include the local cost of living, your loved one’s unique wants and needs, and any special services they require. 

Make sure you and your family are financially prepared for assisted living. A number of options are available for funding senior living, including:

  • Veterans benefits: Some benefit packages may cover a portion of long-term care.
  • Social Security and disability benefits: The monthly stipend can fund a portion of assisted living care costs.
  • Selling a house: Selling a family house can greatly contribute toward monthly assisted living expenses.
  • Accessing a retirement savings account: Cashing out a retirement plan can help your loved one pay for assisted living expenses.

Remember: It’s important to consider the price of a senior living community, but keep in mind that if your loved one requires specific services, the cost of staying in a family house can actually be much more expensive. For example, at-home costs may include in-home aids, house maintenance, lost income for family caregivers, and the emotional toll of inadequate senior care and socialization—as well as caregiver burnout.

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Our Cedarhurst Values

At Cedarhurst, our mission is to create communities where everyone feels loved, supported, and valued. We ensure each person can live life to the fullest through amenities and services that enhance residents’ lifestyles.

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The Cedarhurst Difference

Senior living communities aren’t all alike. Cedarhurst has spent time listening to our residents and their family members, and we understand what it takes to create a home-like community filled with special programming and events. We evaluate what other senior living communities do and then strive to make it better in our own communities. This attention to detail and focus on the resident experience sets Cedarhurst apart.

First, we create opportunities personalized to each resident by learning about them right when they move in. Then, four times a year, we ask for suggestions about new programs and activities our residents would like to participate in. It’s all about our residents, and that’s why we focus on understanding which programs engage our residents and enrich their lives.

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In addition to tailoring communities to our residents, we also strive for staff consistency and ongoing education for our team members. Senior living communities often have high turnover rates, which can be upsetting for residents and their families. At Cedarhurst, we focus on staff consistency throughout our individual communities in order to avoid a negative impact on residents and their families.

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Is It the Right Time for Senior Living?

The decision to look at a senior living community should involve lots of family thought and discussion. It can be hard to know when it’s the right time to pursue senior living, but keep an eye out for signs, such as when your loved one is: 

  • Becoming isolated or depressed
  • Becoming more sedentary
  • Falling behind on personal hygiene
  • Having trouble managing medications
  • Experiencing worsening medical conditions

Take our quick, free assessment to determine if it's the right time for senior living.

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Experience the Cedarhurst Difference

Interested in seeing for yourself what makes Cedarhurst different? Our team members are happy to answer any assisted living questions you may have. 

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