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Assisted Living

Several factors impact the cost of assisted living, including geographic location, local cost of living, assistance level, community amenities, and whether the community is pet-friendly. Think of these factors as more than just a luxury—they can also make a significant impact on your loved one’s daily well-being and overall health.

When evaluating the cost of a senior living community, consider your loved one’s needs beyond today. Your loved one may need additional services and care as they age. When looking at communities, be sure to create a plan for your loved one’s future to ensure they can age in the same community.

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Assisted living costs
How Much Does Assisted Living Cost?
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Paying for senior care
Paying for Senior Care: How Care Type Impacts Pricing
Empowering yourself to understand how care costs differ can help you better plan for the future while meeting your loved one’s financial goals.
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Memory Care

Memory care communities provide around-the-clock caregivers who are on hand for specialized Alzheimer’s and dementia care. Several factors impact the cost of memory care, including the local cost of living, the amount of assistance your loved one requires, and their unique wants and needs. 

One of the most important things to consider is how your loved one’s needs will change over time and to make a plan for these adjustments. Routine and structure are critical for those with Alzheimer’s or dementia. Make sure the memory care community you choose has resources to meet these changing needs so that your loved one can age in place.

Residents spending time in a living room together
The Insider's Guide to Understanding Memory Care Pricing
FAQs: The Insider's Guide to Understanding Memory Care Pricing
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A Complete Guide to Financial Planning for Senior Living
A Complete Guide to Financial Planning for Senior Living
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Independent Living

This lifestyle is best for seniors who don’t require active levels of assistance and can independently manage their day-to-day activities. Factors affecting the cost of independent living include the local cost of living, your loved one’s unique wants and needs, community amenities, and the size of residence.

Keep in mind that your loved one’s needs may change over time. To avoid further transitions, it’s important to know if the community has the capabilities to handle future care needs such as those provided in assisted living or memory care.

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What Are Different Ways to Pay for Senior Living?
What Are Different Ways to Pay for Senior Living?
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How Can I Afford Senior Living?
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