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Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing a senior living community takes a lot of research in order to make a good decision. We have found that the more residents get to know about us and the more we get to know about them, the better the transition goes. Here are a few commonly asked questions we hear about Cedarhurst. Don't see your question here? Feel free to contact a community near you to get the answer. 

About Senior Living

Who is independent living for?

Independent living is for adults who want to experience maintenance-free living as well as enjoy wellness resources that make healthy choices a bit easier.

An independent living community is a lot like living at home: You're surrounded by friendly neighbors, wellness amenities, and endless possibilities.

Who is assisted living for?

Assisted living is for the adult who needs a helping hand with personal care tasks such as dressing or bathing, or with household chores like meal preparation or housekeeping.

Assisted living communities feature around-the-clock caregivers who are available to support residents during care and be there in case of an emergency.

Who is memory care for?

Memory care communities are designed just for those living with Alzheimer's disease or another type of dementia. 

Team members are specially trained in best practices of dementia care and are there to provide support 24/7.

How much does senior living cost?

Just like other real estate purchases, senior living rates can vary from state to state and region to region. The size of the home, as well as the type of lifestyle option, can also impact costs associated with senior living.

At Cedarhurst, our communities bill a monthly fee to residents that covers more than just their home. It also covers access to all campus amenities and services, as well as their dining program and on-campus events.

Monthly fees are different for each Cedarhurst community. You can find out more about those fees by contacting the Cedarhurst community nearest you.

How do I know which lifestyle option is best for me?

Knowing which lifestyle option—independent living, assisted living, or memory care—you would benefit from is the first step in finding a community you will love.

You can speak with your physician as well as contact a Cedarhurst community near you to learn more about which lifestyle option might be best for you.

About Our Programs

What is Pair to Prepare™?

Our one-of-a-kind Pair to Prepare™ program was designed to ensure new residents transition smoothly into their new Cedarhurst home. New residents are invited to bring along a family member to stay in their new Cedarhurst home with them for up to five days when they move in.

The new resident can get settled in with their family member by their side. Both will enjoy perks like dinner with the Executive Director, complimentary visits to the salon, and VIP community tours.

What is the Cedarhurst Promise™?

We know that moving to senior living is a big transition, and we want our residents to feel confident that their experience will be a good one. The Cedarhurst Promise™ is our 60-day money-back guarantee for new residents.

What is Cedarhurst's mission?

Cedarhurst is committed to creating communities where each person feels loved, valued, supported, and able to live life to the fullest.


About Living TRUESM

What is Living TRUESM?

Cedarhurst has always believed life enrichment programming is the foundation of our communities. Living TRUESM is our way of enhancing our already robust life enrichment programming. 

Living TRUESM provides:

  • A respectful, individualized approach for each person
  • Genuine, lasting relationships in which trust flourishes
  • Carefully crafted, full-sensory experiences that boost comfort, confidence, and a sense of well-being
  • A framework that addresses limits while amplifying abilities and strengths

What kind of events are offered at Cedarhurst communities?

Residents enjoy a variety of events, programs, and opportunities at Cedarhurst communities. It's common to find yoga classes, walking clubs, pottery workshops, spiritual fellowship, and happy hour socials on community calendars. Plus, we're always looking for new ideas from our residents—so speak up if you are inspired!

Do I have to attend community events?

You make the decisions at Cedarhurst, which means you can choose how full your day is. You might choose to attend a variety of programs at the community, or you might choose to skip them and instead spend time in your home entertaining friends, reading a book, or pursuing your own hobbies. You make the call.

Why are full-sensory experiences important?

Part of our Living TRUESM program is offering full-sensory experiences. This means that we find ways to engage more than one of the five senses throughout group and individual interactions. 

This might mean using scented lotions and classical music during our spa treatments to boost relaxation, or diffusing citrus essential oils during a group exercise program to increase energy.

How can I make new friends at a Cedarhurst community?

One of the best parts about living at a Cedarhurst community is the network of friendly neighbors who are ready to wave hello or start a chat. You can meet new friends by striking up a conversation in the hallway, sitting near someone new at dinner, or attending a program or event.

What can I expect from Cedarhurst's dining program?

Dining is central to every Cedarhurst community’s lifestyle. Regular dining is essential for growing relationships. As residents and staff often get together for meals, they can connect and catch up.

And there’s more, because Cedarhurst dining—Crafted by SM—is designed to meet the needs and preferences of all residents. With Cedarhurst dining, you’ll find:

  • An always-available menu: Loaded with favorites—including breakfast items served all day—it's the list of tasty goodies residents know they can count on, even as other menu items change with the seasons.
  • Daily specials on every menu: Developed regionally to reflect the area’s culture and tastes, the specials are also seasonal, with freshly sourced ingredients.
  • A fresh soup of the day: Soups vary by region and time of year.
  • Health-focused choices, including:
    • Heart Healthy, for those especially concerned about cardiac health
    • Brain Boost, good for preserving and strengthening cognitive functions
    • Gluten Free, to satisfy those with gluten intolerance
    • Diabetic, using sugar substitutes to protect residents who have diabetes
    • Low Sodium, for those who need to limit salt intake

About Our Communities

Where are Cedarhurst communities located?

Currently, Cedarhurst has just over 50 communities, primarily located in the Midwest and Southeast areas of the United States.

How can I find a Cedarhurst community near me?

Use our community locator to find a Cedarhurst community near you!

Is every Cedarhurst community alike?

While every Cedarhurst community shares our mission, values, and signature programs, each community is quite unique. The residents who live in our communities shape the culture and atmosphere, which means that one Cedarhurst community is never a carbon copy of another.

How can I schedule a tour?

We would love to meet you and show you around the community of your choice. Contact the community you're interested in to schedule a tour.

About Working Here

Are you hiring?

We are always looking for creative, kind, and service-driven professionals to serve at our communities and in our corporate office. Learn more about our open positions.

Do I need to have senior care experience to work for Cedarhurst?

While we value experience, we don't always require it for new employees. After all, we are committed to providing ongoing training and mentor programs that give new employees the experience and guidance they need to meet their future career goals.

Can I sing/perform/lead a program for your community?

Our Life Enrichment teams love working with local talent to enhance our event calendars. Contact a community near you to introduce yourself and your services.

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