Unlock Heartwarming Moments During Family Time at Cedarhurst Senior Living

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When your loved one calls Cedarhurst Senior Living home, they become a part of our family of residents and devoted team members. We love to share experiences and life with the residents we serve. However, we also value the importance of family and friend relationships. We know our residents come with vibrant and meaningful connections to those they love, and living at Cedarhurst never means giving up those relationships who make our residents who they are.

Here at Cedarhurst, we welcome friends and family members into our extended circle! We value your input and want to keep you in the loop as we work together to provide the support your loved one needs to remain happy and healthy.

Wondering how we get family members and friends involved in the lives of those they love? Here are a few ways that Cedarhurst communities make quality family time a part of the regular routine.

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Sharing Meals Together

When you think about family and friends, you think about sharing meals together, circled around a table, kitchen counter, or backyard campfire. Memories are made and jokes are shared between bites of homemade cake or a favorite family secret recipe. Meals are an important part of Cedarhurst life too, and we always encourage family members and friends to join in the experience.

Daily Meals

At Cedarhurst communities, family members can join in the dining experience with their loved ones. In most situations, we just ask that you double-check with the community to be sure there is an open seat and perhaps pay a fee for a meal. Once seated at your loved one’s table, you’ll get a glimpse into their life by meeting their friends and hearing stories from those who share a meal with your loved one three times per day. Plus, you will get to experience the dedicated service from our caregiving and dining team, as well as choose your own entree option from our ever-changing menu.

Special Dining Events

But it’s not just daily meals that you can enjoy at Cedarhurst communities. Many communities also throw special family meals where we go all out to make the event unique and memorable. You might find a holiday barbeque complete with our culinary team’s special ribs or a holiday dinner featuring entertainment and a special dessert bar. We welcome family members to celebrate with us and to sit back, relax, and let us do the cooking.


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A Family-Only Affair

Finally, your loved one might want to entertain at their Cedarhurst home. Our private dining rooms are perfect for this, and your loved one can even work with our culinary team to plan the perfect menu.

Sharing Experiences Together

At Cedarhurst communities, events, programs, activities, and trips are a part of daily life for residents. These carefully planned events are designed to be more than just fun (which they are!)—they are designed to meet the preferences and needs of those who call Cedarhurst home. Of course, we are always ready to share the fun with family members and friends who are visiting.

Community Event Calendar

Check in with your loved one’s community event calendar while you are visiting. If you see something interesting listed, bring your loved one and share the experience together. You’ll find a little bit of everything on our calendars, including craft classes, comedian performances, history lectures, and tons of things in between.

These events and programs are carefully planned to meet the interests of our current residents as well as to enhance different areas of wellness. You’ll love attending them and sharing those experiences with your loved ones.

Trips and Excursions

Residents also attend trips and excursions throughout town to favorite dining spots, shopping destinations, museums, and local points of interest. Talk to your loved one’s community to see if you can meet them while they are out and about. They would love to welcome you when they arrive at their destination!

Special Family Events

Finally, look for special family events that are planned by your loved one’s Cedarhurst senior living community. Family events include special experiences for grandkids to attend, outdoor concerts, or even memory-preserving craft groups.

Communication and Care

Finally, we want family members to be involved with the care of their loved one. After all, you know your loved one’s history the best, which can be especially helpful if your loved one is living with cognitive decline.

Cedarhurst Pair to Prepare Program

Your involvement begins at the very beginning of your loved one’s time at their chosen Cedarhurst community. The transition and move to a senior living community can be just as stressful as it is exciting, even with the experts at our community working diligently to make the process smooth. 

Our unique Pair to Prepare program invites family members to come and stay with their loved one in their new Cedarhurst home. During this special time, loved ones are able to make settling in a bit more familiar while being there to experience the first few days’ excitement. It’s a wonderful way to make the transition to senior living easier for both the family member and the new resident.

The Pair to Prepare program is just one way that Cedarhurst involves family members from day one. We value communication and find ways to keep designated family members involved with all aspects of the care of their loved one.

Care Plan Conferences

If you are the main contact for your loved one, you will be invited to attend regular care plan conferences where the interdisciplinary care team will have the chance to review your loved one’s goals as well as to talk about new interventions or ideas. You can attend these conferences in person or on the phone. Your input is valuable to our team members.

Meet the Team

Our community teams also thrive when family members are involved with life in the community. Get to know the nurses, caregivers, and other staff members that care for your loved one. We are always happy to meet a family member or friend, and we love to hear your stories about your loved one.

We also want to be able to keep you in the loop with your loved one’s care, so be sure you inform us of any change in your address, phone number, or other contact information. You also have the ability to receive notifications like daily photos via text and email through our use of the Caremerge app.

Get to Know Us at Cedarhurst Senior Living Communities

At Cedarhurst, our senior living communities are made up of our residents and team members—but it doesn’t stop there. We want family members and friends to always feel welcome in every community. After all, the life and culture of our communities are created by those who call it home, whether they live there, work there, or visit there.

If you are just beginning to explore senior living, we would love to share a glimpse of life at Cedarhurst through the stories of our residents. Read and watch stories from Cedarhurst residents to learn more about how they made friends and tried new things when they moved in. Remember, exceptional senior living communities want families and friends to be involved and a part of community life. 

We can’t wait to meet you and your loved one as you become a part of the Cedarhurst family.

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Originally published August 2021. Revised August 2023.

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