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Referral Benefits

At Cedarhurst Senior Living, we support the relationship between provider and patient. We’re honored to work alongside you to provide your patients with the care they require, including:

  • Reassessing care needs every six months or as changes in condition occur

  • Communicating patient care updates with healthcare providers, as necessary

  • Providing transportation to and from appointments to ensure residents have reliable access to their healthcare provider

  • Creating individualized care plans to best improve the health status of each resident and reduce readmittance to the hospital

Why Refer a Patient?

When your patient moves to Cedarhurst Senior Living, they receive the around-the-clock care they require. Additionally, this care is tailored to their unique needs based on their individualized care plan. 

When an older adult who needs care transitions to assisted living instead of moving back home, it lowers hospital readmission rates because they’re receiving the care they require. These lower readmission rates benefit the individual because they avoid a disruptive readmittance, and it’s also good for the hospital, rehabilitation clinic, and clinical facility to lower their readmission rates.

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Memory Care

MEMORY CARE COMMUNITIES provide specialized assistance for individuals with various stages of Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. These communities have similar care models to assisted living communities but with enhanced services for safety. The communities are specially designed to meet the challenges that come with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. 

Residents in memory care have a diagnosis of cognitive decline and thrive in an environment that offers around-the-clock caregiver assistance as well as comfortable routines and experiences.

Cedarhurst’s memory care truly focuses on person-directed care, where the program staff is specially trained by a Certified Dementia Practitioner and takes continuing education modules focused on Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Memory care should be considered when an individual:

  • Has a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease or dementia

  • Is no longer safe living in their current residence

  • Exhibits changes in behavior

  • Exhibits cognitive decline that may compromise their safety

  • Experiences a decline in physical health

Cedarhurst Senior Living offers memory care at the following locations:

Assisted Living

Assisted living helps older adults live their best lives, providing residents with a balance of independence and daily support. They receive the hands-on assistance and medical care they require while making new friends, discovering new hobbies, and participating in engaging activities.

Assisted living is ideal for seniors who:

  • Need assistance with some activities of daily living (ADLs) or instrumental activities of daily living (IADLs)
  • Are in good health but desire low-maintenance living
  • Require some degree of assistance and services, whether around-the-clock or occasionally
  • Want to make new friends and enjoy participating in social activities

Cedarhurst Senior Living offers assisted living at the following locations:

Personal Care

Personal care offers assistance with medication management and administration, nursing care, and diabetic management. A director of nursing oversees all clinical aspects, and licensed nurses provide personalized care based on each resident’s needs. Monthly wellness assessments are provided, and the community can bring in other healthcare specialists to perform on-site labs and X-rays. 

Cedarhurst Senior Living offers personal care in communities in the following locations:

Independent Living

Independent senior living is ideal for seniors who don’t require active levels of assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs) or instrumental activities of daily living (IADLs). Many residents choose an independent living community because they no longer want to maintain a large residence and prefer a residence with fewer complications, chores, and upkeep while maintaining their independence.

Independent living is ideal for seniors who:

  • Are still able to manage their medication and other daily activities
  • Enjoy a busy social schedule
  • Love learning new things and making new friends
  • Want more time for activities they enjoy

Cedarhurst Senior Living offers independent living at the following locations:

Around-the-Clock Care Services

Our Cedarhurst team members help residents receive the care they need as well as any additional support required in the form of IADLs or ADLs. We provide several different levels of care, designed to each resident’s unique circumstances as determined by an assessment and completed by a Cedarhurst nurse.

  • Level 1: This minimal level of care focuses on maintaining healthy daily habits, including reminders to complete tasks such as brushing teeth. This level of care doesn’t involve hands-on assistance or supervision.
  • Level 2: This moderate level of care includes one-on-one assistance as needed.
  • Level 3: This maximum care level includes all of the assistance necessary to maintain healthy habits. Team members are also highly responsive and aware of when a resident has a desire to perform a task on their own, with support as needed.
  • Level 4: This enhanced care level provides hands-on personalized care for individuals with arthritis, Parkinson’s, or balance issues that result in functional limitations and decreased mobility.
  • Level 5: This enhanced care level consists of a suite of personalized services provided by one or two caregivers for individuals with a combination of balance or motor challenges, mobility, or cognitive impairments.
  • Medication Management: This level of care ensures that residents take medications as prescribed, reducing medication errors. Depending on the individual’s care assessment, varying levels of medication management may be provided. To receive assistance with medication management, we require physician certification and a signed medication list to fill the medication. Additionally, residents have access to a preferred pharmacy with 24-hour availability and delivery.

Tailored Lifestyle

Each person is unique, and therefore, we tailor plans each day to address each resident’s preferences. We do this through our Living TRUE℠ philosophy.

  • Tailored to our residents: Prior to resident move-in, we ask new residents to tell us about themselves via a life story so we know how to craft their Cedarhurst experience just how they like it. Throughout the year, we ask for resident feedback on enrichment activities, including what they liked and what new choices they’d like to see added.
  • Relationships of integrity and trust: We believe genuine relationships are the foundation of life, so we balance our commitment to a community of support and companionship with every resident’s needs for personal space. We’ve designed our communities around connection, enabling residents to easily strengthen existing connections or make new friends with common interests at one of our enriching activities.
  • Uplifted to live their best life: Our team is committed to preserving and enhancing our residents’ strengths as well as making every possible effort to ensure they’re safe and happy. We implement programs such as our MOST Fitness Program℠ to build strength and balance, plus activities to enhance brain function and sharpen minds, so our residents can live life to its fullest.
  • Excitement of the senses: Our communities engage the whole person, from foods that smell and taste delicious to easy access to the great outdoors, music, and more. We inspire our residents and help each day be vibrant.


We offer complimentary scheduled transportation for our residents to provide easy access to their healthcare providers. 


Socialization is incredibly important as we age, and it has a large impact on mental health, reducing stress, cognitive impairment, and even physical fitness. Our Cedarhurst communities are designed around socialization so residents have the opportunity to strengthen existing friendships and meet new friends during an activity or at the dining table.

Dynamic and Nutritious Dining Options

At almost every Cedarhurst community, we offer a variety of nutritious and delicious meals through our Crafted by Cedarhurst℠ culinary program. We believe that food should be good for the body and it should be enjoyed, so we offer various dining options to support each resident’s well-being.

Our meal choices include:

  • Hearty-healthy options to support cardiac health
  • Boost Your Brain℠ options to preserve and strengthen cognitive functions
  • Gluten-free options to manage gluten intolerance
  • Diabetic-friendly options featuring sugar substitutes
  • Low-sodium options to help reduce salt intake

Along with these choices that support a healthy body and mind, we also offer familiar favorites and regional daily specials crafted from freshly sourced ingredients.

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The Cost of Senior Living

One of the top questions about senior living is how much it costs. We’ve compiled our best information about financial resources to help you, your patient, and their family understand the cost of senior living and the assistance options available to them:

Resources for Healthcare Providers

We have several resources available for providers, seniors, and their families. The following can guide your patients and their families through the senior living process:

Ready to Refer a Patient?

With numerous communities across several states, Cedarhurst Senior Living offers the right community for your patient. If you’d like to refer someone to a Cedarhurst community, please complete the form below.

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