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senior residents participating in a painting class

Living TRUESM: Senior Living Tailored to you

Tirelessly, thoroughly, and lovingly, we honor residents’ and staff members’ needs, wants, and wishes.

A Respectful, Individualized Approach for Each Person

Unique, actively engaged, interesting people are what makes our world go 'round. We care about each one of them—staff members, too. Because we’re Living TRUESM to our purpose, we’re determined to carefully tailor every day’s plans to address each person’s preferences.


  • Tell us your story: About the time you move in, we’ll ask you to complete the “Resident Story,” a survey that tells us all about you. When we know you well, we’ll know how to be your friend and make everything in your Cedarhurst world just the way you like it.

  • Load your plate: Dining can be decadent, but it also needs to be right for you. Count on our Crafted by CedarhurstSM culinary program to make it so, with a menu that features choices that meet your nutritional needs, such as: 

    • Heart healthy, for those especially concerned about cardiac health

    • Boost Your BrainSM, for preserving and strengthening cognitive functions

    • Gluten-free, to satisfy those with gluten intolerance

    • Diabetic-friendly, using sugar substitutes to protect residents who have diabetes

    • Low-sodium, for those who need to limit salt intake

Just Checking

Four times a year, we ask for your suggestions for life enrichment activities in your community. We want to know which activities have tickled your fancy and what new programs and activities you’d like to add. It’s all about you, and that’s why we ask.

Cedarhurst staff member enojoying company with resident-1

Relationships of 
integrity & trust

Friendship is the foundation of community life.

Genuine, Lasting Relationships in Which Trust Flourishes

Relating to each other with genuineness, integrity, and heart gets us what we want most: trusted friends. We believe that going it alone is no way to live, so we thoughtfully balance each individual’s need for personal space with a commitment to create a community of support, sharing and companionship.

TRUE Connections

  • It’s your social life: Make it what you want, with one-to-one close friendships or gangs of friends or a mix of both. Our team members will learn your preferences, make introductions if you wish, and get out of your way when you don't.

  • Meet you there: Look around and you’ll find a spot that’s just right for meeting with family or friends, planning grand adventures, sharing stories, and simply lingering in good company. We encourage it!

  • We’re staying: Employee retention—a.k.a., making sure the people you depend on aren’t going anywhere—is our priority. From the Home Office, we take a keen interest in how our staff members are doing, how we can help them grow, and the best ways to reward them for making such a difference for our residents.

a senior resident completing a puzzle

Uplifted to live
your best life

Focus on the life you love and relish your individuality.

Limits Neutralized and Strengths Amplified

Our core belief that every person should feel loved, valued, supported and able to safely live life to the fullest is the pillar of every Cedarhurst community. Whether you’re an independent living resident or a resident in a level of care, we journey alongside you and make every conceivable effort to ensure you’re safe, satisfied, and happy.

TRUE Support

  • You can do it: Our team members focus on preserving and enhancing your strengths. Why dwell on shortcomings when it’s so much more gratifying to cheer for your abilities, skills, and overall awesomeness.

  • Don’t fall for it: Our MOST Fitness ProgramSM is a plan for building strength and improving balance, because the best way to recover after a fall is to never fall in the first place. 

  • Ignite your cognition: We’ve got brain function-enhancing activities woven into the fabric of life in our communities, sharpening your mind even when you’re not thinking about it.

a senior resident eating breakfast in the community dining room

Excitement of the

Carefully crafted, full-sensory experiences make for a community that boosts each resident's sense of comfort, confidence, and well-being.

So Your World Hums with Joy

Community life fills every day with opportunities for good food, music, art, recreation, friends and family—and the enrichment that follows when so many services and amenities are close at hand. Our lifestyle engages the whole person, and residents and team members find themselves inspired daily! 

TRUE Vibrancy

  • Smells like home cooking: Our Crafted by CedarhurstSM culinary program elevates everyday dining to a swoon-worthy “smells great” and “tastes divine.”

  • Back to nature: Easy access to the great outdoors means plenty of fresh air and green grass (in season). Plus, many residences feature nature-embracing patios.

  • Are you a hugger? We’ll find out how you like your interpersonal interaction—firm handshake, lingering hug, courteous bow—during your welcome survey, and we’ll respect your personal space thereafter.

  • Time for tunes: We love music, and we think it goes great with our community parties!


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