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Where to Begin

If you’re wondering how to begin easing the symptoms of burnout, you came to the right place. It’s critical to get the support you deserve so you can be your best self for your loved one. 

Asking for assistance from other family members, signing up for grocery and pharmacy delivery services, exploring community resources, and learning more about senior living community options are all beneficial ways to get the support you and your loved one need.

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Having a Discussion About Senior Living

Thinking about senior living for your loved one? Senior living communities have come a long way over the years. 

Today’s vibrant and fulfilling senior living communities usually offer beautiful campuses, delicious food, and plenty of weekly activities. However, your loved one may still believe outdated stereotypes that senior living communities are cold, clinical places, and they may be resistant to the idea of moving into one. 

The more information and support you have during the senior living conversation, the more productive it can be. Some tips for having this conversation include:

  • Bringing family and loved ones into the conversation

  • Preparing with plenty of information about senior living, the costs, and amenities 

  • Focusing on the perks of senior living, such as around-the-clock care, a low-maintenance lifestyle, new friends, and enriching activities

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Understanding Financial Options

Cost is one of the most common questions regarding senior living. The reality is that a senior living community can actually be more affordable than many people think. 

Compare the cost of senior living to the cost of your loved one staying in their current residence. Right now, your loved one needs to cover rent or mortgage, groceries, landscaping, and other housekeeping costs. In a senior living community, all of those regular expenses are included in the monthly cost.

Your loved one can offset senior living costs by using Veterans benefits or selling their current residence. One of the most important things to do when you’re exploring financial options for senior living is to speak with a financial advisor about your loved one’s financial situation and what you can afford.

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Planning the Move

Transitioning to a senior living community requires a lot of planning. This is a large change, but similar to other changes, a huge payoff awaits. Your loved one will have the amount of care they need while living their life to the fullest. The daily quality of life will improve for your loved one—and for you. 

To make the move more manageable, coordinate the move-in date with the senior living community, and ask them for tips and additional support. Then, consider which items will be provided by the community and which items your loved one will need to bring with them so you can ensure your loved one has what they need from day one. 

Prior to move-in day, ask friends and family if they can assist with packing and moving, or if your loved one’s budget allows it, hire a moving company. To help your loved one get excited about the move, sit down with them and talk about how they want to decorate their new space.

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Settling in After the Move

You can help your loved one adjust to their senior living community in several different ways. Planning regular visits with your loved one can go a long way toward helping them adjust and bringing structure and joy to their schedule. Make sure you’re calling your loved one frequently, even just to chat about simple things such as what your cat or dog is up to.

Senior living communities are built on the connection between family caregivers, friends, and loved ones. The community should provide regular events for everyone to participate in, such as a family dinner or concert, so keep an eye out for the community calendar. 

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