Community, Care, and Comfort: What Sets Cedarhurst Apart

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Senior living has come a long way. Years ago, a senior living facility used to be thought of as a cold, sterile environment, and this is the image that popular media showcased for so many years. 

Today’s reality is that senior living communities have a vibrant atmosphere where residents live life to its fullest as well as live a life that’s tailored to their individual interests and needs. After all, each person is unique, so the best senior living communities don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach

Let’s explore how Cedarhurst is changing senior living with a tailored, holistic approach.

What Sets Cedarhurst Apart

Today’s older adults have lived in a world where they could purchase what they needed, when they needed it. They expect a similar lifestyle throughout their retirement years, and as such, they expect more from senior living communities.

Thanks to these higher expectations, many senior living communities are changing how they provide care, comfort, and a sense of belonging within their communities to help new residents find a community and lifestyle that best meets their needs.


A Holistic Approach to Wellness

Who knew senior wellness could be accessible and fun? When done right, senior living communities create an environment that promotes just that. For example, at Cedarhurst, we consider the entire person, and that means taking into account multiple facets of wellness.

To start with, we provide on-site walking trails, fitness centers, and more for residents to maintain physical health. However, physical health is more than just staying active. It also means eating delicious foods that nourish the body. In nearly every Cedarhurst Senior Living community, we offer Crafted by Cedarhurst℠*, a culinary experience that delights the taste buds and addresses various dietary requirements. 

Our culinary program includes:

  • Heart-healthy options for cardiac health
  • Boost Your Brain℠ options to strengthen cognitive functions
  • Gluten-free options for those with gluten sensitivity
  • Diabetic-friendly options with sugar substitutes
  • Low-sodium options to reduce salt intake

In addition to these menu categories, we also offer regional daily specials, fresh soup, and familiar favorites such as certain breakfast items served all day.

Tailored Care Plans

Not everyone is the same, and the care and services they receive shouldn’t be the same, either. At Cedarhurst, we honor the needs, wants, and wishes of our residents to the best of our ability, and that starts with our Living TRUE℠ commitment.

Living TRUE℠ means that at Cedarhurst, we prioritize the following: 

  • Tailored to you: We honor residents’ wishes, wants, and needs to the best of our ability. When a resident moves in, we ask them to complete a resident survey so we can get to know them and their preferences better.
  • Relationships of integrity and trust: Social connections are the foundation of community life. As such, we’ve designed our senior living communities around socialization and built a social calendar with plenty of events for residents to meet new friends with similar interests as well as strengthen existing relationships. 
  • Uplifted to live your best life: Every person should feel uplifted and celebrated. Whether an individual is a resident in independent living or receiving care in assisted living or memory care, we make every effort to ensure they’re happy, satisfied, and safe.  
  • Excitement of the senses: Community life at Cedarhurst is filled with plenty of opportunities for eating delicious food, engaging in activities, and strengthening relationships with loved ones.

Each senior living community differs by the level of care and support they provide, offering one or more of the following lifestyle options:

  • Independent living: This lifestyle is ideal for individuals who don’t require active levels of assistance. They can leave behind the stresses of homeownership and have plenty of time to pursue hobbies and interests they enjoy.
  • Assisted living: This is ideal for seniors who require assistance with some activities of daily living (ADLs) such as bathing, eating, or grooming while living as independently as possible.
  • Memory care: This lifestyle is ideal for seniors who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia and are no longer safe living in their house. Memory care communities are staffed with team members who are accustomed to providing care for those with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. 

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Engaging Community Life

The culture within a senior living community is built on the people who live there. At Cedarhurst, we strive to get to know our residents and what they look for in the community.

When a resident moves in, we ask them to complete a resident survey to get to know their life story and unique preferences and interests. Then, throughout the year, we periodically send additional surveys to better understand what kinds of programming they have enjoyed and wish to see in the future. Because of this, our Cedarhurst communities reflect the unique personalities and interests of our residents.

Our senior living communities are designed with socialization in mind. Throughout each community, residents can enjoy a variety of shared spaces such as game rooms, movie theaters, and common dining areas. These spaces encourage residents to strengthen existing relationships as well as meet new friends with similar interests.

Inviting Comfort

Senior living communities offer a maintenance-free lifestyle full of comfort. One of the best parts of senior living is that everything is more convenient. 

Essentials such as a fitness center or dining room are just a few steps away, nature and beautiful walking trails are right outside the door, and helpful team members are on hand to provide regular assistance, from housekeeping to maintenance and concierge services. Family-friendly spaces, such as private dining areas and large gathering spaces, make it easy for residents to enjoy family gatherings with none of the clean-up afterward. 

Desirable Amenities

Because your senior loved one will spend less time handling household chores, they’ll enjoy more time taking advantage of the various amenities offered in senior living communities.

Pet-Friendly Accommodations

Today’s senior living communities aren’t just tolerant of furry family members—they welcome pets! With walking paths on campus, residents can get exercise while they take their dog for a stroll. Plus, pets aren’t just therapeutic for their owner; they’re also comforting to neighbor residents who enjoy bringing treats to a furry friend down the hall.

On-Site Salon and Barbershop

Life is more convenient in a senior living community, and this includes empowering residents to look their best without even having to leave campus. Many communities offer on-site salon and barbershop services, and residents only need to walk out of their apartment door to access them.

Fitness Center and Fitness Classes

Finding motivation to stay active can be difficult. With a support network of nearby friends and the convenience of a fitness center and classes just a few steps outside of their apartment door, senior living residents have easy access to the tools they need to remain physically active.

Experience the Cedarhurst Difference

Cedarhurst is changing the senior living game. By taking a holistic approach to wellness and focusing on our residents and their unique needs and preferences, our communities are different from the rest. 

Learn more about how we’re changing up senior living by exploring our resource What Makes Cedarhurst Different from Other Senior Living Communities?

*Check your local community for Crafted by Cedarhurst availability.

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