8 Senior Living Amenities You'd Be Jealous Of

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Senior living communities cater to the residents who live there, which means that amenities, services, and resources have changed over time. 

When the baby boomer generation moved toward retirement age, senior living communities anticipated their arrival by finding out what amenities would be important to them. Just as with every other industry over their lifetimes, the boomer generation has changed senior living from a sleepy and cozy atmosphere to a busy and vibrant one.


Today’s senior living communities are more like resort hotels than the stereotypical “nursing home” of decades ago. From in-house coffee shops to saltwater swimming pools, you can find nearly any amenity or service imaginable at senior living communities. Each service, amenity, and resource was designed to anticipate the needs of residents as well as enhance their current lifestyle. 

Here are just a few senior living amenities that anyone, of any age, would be jealous of.

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1. Pet-Friendly Accommodations

Even just ten years ago, it was nearly impossible to find a senior living community that welcomed resident pets. In contrast, today’s communities are not just pet-tolerant—they’re pet-welcoming.

Many senior living communities feature pet-friendly accommodations and even have amenities like walking trails and dog parks on-site so that residents and their furry companions can get the exercise they need. It’s common for team members to come prepared with treats when they visit a pet in a resident apartment, or for other residents to hang out at the dog park for canine cuddles and socialization with neighbors. 

In fact, pets aren’t just therapeutic for the owner. For residents who don’t have a pet but love them, there’s something comforting and therapeutic about knowing they can stop by to pet a neighbor’s dog or bring treats to a friend’s cat right down the hall. Having a pet-friendly environment benefits everyone.

2. On-Site Salon

A significant benefit of living in a community is that life is more convenient. One senior living amenity that ensures residents don’t have to leave the community to look their best is the on-site salon.

Often offering both salon and barbershop services, the community salon becomes a social spot on campus to catch up with friends in the chair nearby as well as to develop a friendship with the community stylists. Some communities also offer spa and massage services in conjunction with their salon, so be sure to check for that if you are interested.


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3. Tech-Savvy Opportunities

Whether residents are tech-savvy or not, everyone can enjoy senior living amenities like free Wi-Fi and technology classes. Communities often offer technology-based classes, with topics ranging from blogging as a way to document legacy to keeping up with social media or even setting up an email account. Some communities also offer tablets, iPods, or other devices for residents to check out and use before returning.

4. Fitness Centers and Classes

You’re more likely to improve your health and work toward your personal wellness goals if you have a fitness center right down the hall. Senior living communities make wellness and healthy movement even easier, thanks to fitness centers that are stocked with safe, easy-to-use equipment as well as friendly personal trainers who are there to answer any questions or create individualized fitness plans.

Exceptional communities also often offer group fitness classes daily that are fun and social, which means you won’t want to skip one! For anyone who prefers to get into nature, you can get your steps in by strolling on maintained nature paths around the community or by taking an excursion to local trails with friends.

5. Concierge Services

Like a hotel or resort, senior living communities are laser-focused on hospitality and meeting the needs of those who live there. You’ll find concierge-style services at most senior living communities today, with helpful team members on hand to hang a piece of art on the wall, escort you to a happy hour event, or answer any questions.

In addition to concierge services, senior living communities also often provide transportation services. Community vehicles make regular stops around town for residents who want to skip the hassle of parking or traffic. In addition, many exceptional communities also make shuttles available to take residents to appointments with advanced notice.

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6. Personalized Activities

More and more research has been published demonstrating the role healthy peer socialization plays in improving both mental and physical health for older adults. Isolation, which is more common when adults live on their own or with a partner, can be dangerous and lead to rapid cognitive decline, decreased immune response, and increased risk of heart disease.

Fortunately, senior living communities are the ideal place to connect with peers and form meaningful relationships with both neighbors and the team members who work there. An active life enrichment calendar—full of new learning opportunities, social events, and excursions—fosters new connections and relationships among residents.

Cedarhurst communities feature an innovative Living TRUE℠ program that creates a community built on meaningful relationships, carefully crafted sensory experiences, and programs tailored to resident preferences and history. Our mission is to ensure every member of the community is loved, valued, supported, and living life to the fullest, and the Living TRUE℠ program further enhances this commitment. 

7. Family-Friendly Architectural Design and Community Programs

Senior living residents want to entertain and host family members and guests just as they did when they lived alone. In previous generations, nursing homes weren’t always family-friendly spaces, or they didn’t host events to meet this need.

Today’s senior living communities have made adjustments to craft communities that are more welcoming and accommodating to family members and guests. You can find private dining rooms and other spaces for residents to reserve and use for hosting larger gatherings. Residents can even have their event catered by the community’s dining team.

At Cedarhurst, communities take family involvement seriously from the moment a resident moves in. Our Pair to Prepare™ program invites residents to bring along a family member with them to stay for their first few days at their new home. Family members can ease the transition to senior living and help their loved one get settled in while experiencing life at the Cedarhurst community.

8. Money-Back Guarantees

You’re used to seeing money-back guarantees for products or appliances, but it is quite uncommon to find the same type of promise when it comes to senior living. However, money-back guarantees are available in some senior living communities.

At Cedarhurst, our Cedarhurst Promise™ is a one-of-a-kind program offering residents and their family members the confidence that they will love their new home. Residents get a 60-day money-back guarantee to offer reassurance that their investment in senior living is a wise one.

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