Why Cedarhurst Senior Living Is Different Than Other Communities

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Finding a senior living community that suits your loved one’s needs and preferences can be difficult. 

After all, you have to find a community that offers the right mix of assistance and independence, features plenty of opportunities to connect with new friends, and feels like home. It can seem like an impossible task, but there are communities out there that can meet, and even exceed, your expectations.

Cedarhurst Senior Living communities have spent years serving older adults and their family members, refining an approach to best meet the needs of everyone who lives there. Over the past decades, we have worked to create new programs, build even better relationships, and design communities to anticipate what our residents want. 

Our communities aren’t ordinary senior living. There’s something extra special about Cedarhurst.


We Know Relationships Matter

The foundation of life at Cedarhurst is all about the relationships created here. Residents become friends with other residents. Team members become trusted companions of residents. Family members bond during events with other family members.

Connections with Team Members

We believe the best care and assistance come from relationships of trust. Our team members are dedicated to serving residents with a personalized approach. 

This is why we ask each person who moves in to complete their “Resident Story.” This process ensures we get to know more about each individual who is new to Cedarhurst. We get to know their preferences, their likes and dislikes, and their history. We want to know how a resident takes their coffee, if they are a morning person or a night owl, and if they love to play pinochle on Tuesdays with their neighbors. All of this information gives us the chance to enhance their lifestyle while still enabling the independence they want.


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Connections with Neighbors

When it comes to relationship-building between neighbors, our communities are designed to increase the likelihood of neighbors stopping to chat with one another. We’ve created shared spaces to accommodate small and large group gatherings. Each community is unique and can include spaces like community movie theaters, private dining rooms, and game rooms. These spaces are busy throughout the day, where residents can always find someone to chat with.

Dining is a social experience in a restaurant-style dining room, where residents share a meal and a conversation. Our meals are more than just a time to enjoy delicious food; they’re the opportunity to have a true dining experience and to connect with a new neighbor.

We Know You’ll Love It

It’s unusual to see any type of guarantee when it comes to senior living, but Cedarhurst communities are not your usual communities. We know you’ll love community life, which is why we offer a 60-day money-back guarantee through our Cedarhurst Promise™.

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We Are Living TRUESM

Life enrichment at Cedarhurst senior living is more than a few group activities each day. Instead, our Living TRUESM program makes sure every member of our community knows they are loved, valued, supported, and living life to the fullest.

Tailored Experiences

Living TRUESM means our team members focus on tailoring experiences and programs to each resident. Our team asks lots of questions and starts many conversations to learn more about the history and preferences of those we serve. Then we use that information, as well as their feedback, to create programs they will enjoy and appreciate.

Authentic Relationships

Our commitment to Living TRUESM also means we are dedicated to building relationships of integrity and trust from the moment a resident moves in. Our team members want to build those relationships with residents, and we also want to foster an environment that cultivates friendships between residents.

Uplifted Strengths

Another important part of Living TRUESM is uplifting the strengths, talents, and personalities each resident brings to the community. We are certainly here to provide assistance and support, but we focus less on the challenges and more on the strengths of those we serve.

Sensory Approaches

Finally, Living TRUESM means providing carefully crafted sensory experiences throughout Cedarhurst communities. There's something about feeling the breeze on your face, tasting a freshly squeezed orange, or smelling newly laundered sheets that fosters feelings of comfort, peace, and happiness. We find ways to stimulate the senses throughout the day here at Cedarhurst. A sensory approach benefits residents of all abilities, as well as the team who works in the community.


We Welcome Your Interests 

Every resident has something unique to share—something that adds to the culture of a community. 

Personal Passions and Expertise

We welcome residents to share their passions and interests with others or to pursue their interests on their own while living at a Cedarhurst community. We love when a resident leads a pottery class or gives a lecture about their genealogy to the group. We also love when a resident brings new life to a community, like Dr. Hart did with his butterfly garden at Cedarhurst of Columbia.

Animal Friends

Speaking of passions and interests: Our communities are pet-friendly. We know that family pets are what makes a house a home, and our communities are ready to welcome your companion with accommodations like community dog parks and walking trails.

We Are Innovative

Cedarhurst communities are always ready to try something new or develop a new program based on senior health trends or the feedback of residents. 

Dynamic Memory Care

For example, Cedarhurst of Springfield specializes in memory care services for those who live there. However, dementia care is not one-size-fits-all, and the team there knows it.

This specialized community has developed individual programs based on each stage of the dementia process. This way, residents living in the early stage of the disease are given what they need to succeed, which is different from what the residents living in the middle or end stages need. This specialized approach ensures every resident receives the environment and care they need in a way that is more personalized than a typical memory care community.

We Believe in a Strong Start

Moving to a senior living community is exciting, to be sure, but it can also feel a bit intimidating. 

Our community team members do everything we can to ease the transition to senior living for every new resident. Cedarhurst’s one-of-a-kind Pair to Prepare™ program adds another level of resident support by inviting family members to stay with their loved one for a few days to help them settle in.

Our Pair to Prepare™ program gives a family member the chance to experience the first few days of Cedarhurst life with their loved one. The new resident and their guest are treated to personalized tours of the community, meetings with key team members, meals in the dining room, and even appointments at the salon. These first few days of community life are crucial to a positive transition, and having a familiar face nearby increases resident success. 

We Value Your Opinion

We’re dedicated to meeting the expectations of our residents, as well as surprising them with little details that matter. To do that, we must first listen. 

Cedarhurst team members spend more time listening than they do talking. It’s no surprise that we regularly survey our residents to get their opinion about how things are going. Approximately two times each year, we take time to survey residents, read their thoughtful responses, and adjust our approach as necessary.

We value family opinions and experiences too! Families are an important part of life at any Cedarhurst community.

Experience Cedarhurst Senior Living for Yourself

Life at Cedarhurst is best experienced in person. It doesn’t take too long before you’ll notice the small and big details that make a difference in the lives of our residents. 

We would love to welcome you to any nearby community to give you a personalized tour. Schedule your experience today.

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*Cedarhurst Promise™ program is only available at advertised community. Not applicable for respite or other short-term stays. Refund is available only if move out is a result of dissatisfaction with Cedarhurst community as documented throughout stay. Complete refund includes base rent, level of care charges, and community fee. Ancillary services fees (ex. additional transportation, pet fees and laundry charges) do not qualify for refund. Additional terms and conditions may apply. Please contact community for additional details. Void where prohibited.

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