How Seniors Can Live Independently but Not Alone

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How Seniors Can Live Independently but Not Alone
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Think living independently means living all alone? Think again! 

Independent living communities are growing in popularity thanks to the convenient amenities and low-maintenance lifestyle they offer. While many people are drawn to these benefits, older adults are also finding themselves drawn to the convenient opportunity to meet new people while maintaining their own privacy. After all, humans are social creatures who need connections with others to thrive. 

Keep reading to discover the differences between living independently and living alone, and learn how senior living communities can enhance your lifestyle and quality of life.


The Side Effects of Loneliness

Spending too much time on your own can result in more than just a sour mood. The National Institute on Aging reports that social isolation and loneliness are linked to higher risks for a variety of physical and mental conditions in seniors, including heart disease, obesity, dementia, and a weakened immune system. Those looking to avoid the numerous health risks associated with loneliness later in life can prevent social isolation by moving to a thriving, connected senior living community.

How Independent Living Can Enhance Your Lifestyle

When people think of senior living communities, they may be thinking about the stereotypical cold, institutional settings frequently featured in media. The reality is that today’s independent living communities are vibrant, active places that support fun and freedom. They provide all of the activities, opportunities, and resources necessary to live a vibrant and independent lifestyle. 

This type of community lifestyle creates a pleasant balance between your social life and independence. The right community can improve your lifestyle by enabling you to:

1. Keep Your Independence

The main goal of independent living is for residents to enjoy the freedom of living how they want, and it all starts with choosing a floor plan that best suits your needs and desires. All of Cedarhurst’s independent living apartments are private, so you have personal space to unwind after a long day or to have a slow, relaxing start to your morning. 

Because your space is your own, you have the opportunity to personalize your apartment and decorate it how you wish. Your apartment is your own personal space, but the entire community is your social space—including a dining room, entertaining spaces, art studio, and more—for you to enjoy.


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2. Choose Your Activities 

Your decisions don’t stop with the choice of your apartment and decor. Another advantage of senior living communities is access to diverse activity options, if you wish. Attending these events helps you to meet new friends with similar interests, or you can use these opportunities to bond with existing friends.

If social events aren’t really your thing, that’s okay! Even though a full calendar of events, activities, and meals is available, you have no obligation to attend any of them. You’re your own person and free to make your own daily choices. Whether you prefer to sit alone with a good book or start a book club, you’re at liberty to pave your own path to leisure.

3. Connect with Others

Living in your current home also means having independence, so what’s the draw to independent living? Unlike traditional suburbs with a range of resident demographics, a senior living community provides neighbors in your peer group who can become friends. These opportunities for connection can be a relief, especially when social isolation is more common among older adults. 

Senior living communities are designed around socialization, so connections are easier to make. Plus, staff members, caregivers, and families are encouraged to network and connect through community events. In other words, a great senior living community considers facilitating socialization between more than just its residents; it takes everyone into consideration, from clinicians to children, and ensures they have a role and place within their walls.

4. Spend Time with Family

Although independent living may offer plenty of opportunities to make new friends, family is also at the heart of senior living communities, and residents are encouraged to spend time with their loved ones. Senior living communities offer shared spaces to host events with family members and a variety of pleasant spaces to spend quality time together. Many communities will feature events or activities catered to different age groups, so there’s always something to do with virtually any member of your family. 

5. Discover New Interests

Making new friends and spending time with family are two ways that a full calendar of events can enhance your lifestyle, but the benefits don’t end there. A diverse range of activities and outings means residents have every opportunity to explore new interests and develop new skills.

Perhaps you’ve always been interested in art but never had the time to pursue it until retirement. Senior living communities such as Cedarhurst may offer regular trips to art shows or local museums, as well as instructional art classes for learning and practicing key techniques. Seniors looking for more ways to get and stay active can take advantage of a variety of exercise programs intended to make physical activity both fun and productive.

6. Have an Animal Companion

Did you know that many independent living communities are pet-friendly? Senior living communities understand that pets are just as much a part of the family as humans, so furry friends are welcome in many communities. As faithful companions that can help reduce stress, pets provide benefits to their owners—and others in the community, as well. After all, who doesn’t love being greeted by a dog on their walk or a cat as they enter a friend’s apartment?

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Is It the Right Time to Explore Independent Living?

Many assume that staying in your current home implies total independence or that community living means you lose your privacy. Both of these assumptions are inaccurate. On the contrary, staying alone in your current home can lead to social isolation and loneliness. Moving to a senior living community means you have neighbors close by, but it doesn’t mean that your privacy is gone. It means having the benefits of socialization right outside your door while also having the freedom to take time for yourself when you want to.

If you’re unsure of which lifestyle will work best, be sure to look into the different types of senior living communities and care options. Many communities offer multiple care types, so inquire about the various options to ensure you’re receiving the proper level of care.

Seniors Living Alone Find Independence, Privacy, and Connection at Cedarhurst

Cedarhurst independent living communities offer convenience, socialization, and solitude when you want it. To us, that is the essence of independent living: a place with plenty of opportunities for growth where you can live confidently and comfortably. 

Maintaining your independence doesn’t have to mean being all on your own. Senior living communities provide the best of both worlds: your personal low-maintenance space to unwind, and multiple shared living spaces to take advantage of as you wish.

Cedarhurst is committed to ensuring you have all the resources and support necessary for a safe, happy, and active lifestyle, no matter what your individual needs are. Learn more about our commitment to maintaining a holistic approach to aging and health in this exclusive guide.

The Holistic Approach to Aging and Health with Senior Living

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