Everything You Need to Know About Senior Living Dining at Cedarhurst

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Do you really want to spend so much time over the stove or waiting in line at the grocery store? What could you do with your free time instead if you outsourced all that effort?

Senior living dining means cooking only when you want to—and, if you prefer, never having to wash a dish again. Senior living dining makes it all a bit easier so that you can finally join the exclusive group of Americans eating all their fruits and veggies every day. 

How much time are you really spending on creating healthy meals each week? Americans are devoting more and more time to meal preparation. On average, it adds up to an hour each day—and that hour doesn’t even include shopping, planning, or cleanup. That’s enough time to take an entire college course, invest deeply in a new hobby, or read a book a week. 

More Than A Menu: What's Cooking at Cedarhurst

You Are What You Eat: How Nourishing Food Feeds Your Body and Soul

Like it or not, fast food trips and convenience foods really do affect your health, and you may especially notice those effects as you get older. Some of the many benefits of healthy eating include: 

  • Reduced risk of health conditions: Healthy eating can reduce the risk of developing heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity, stroke, and certain kinds of cancer.
  • A chance to feel physically better: The right food can help you maintain or attain a healthy weight, reducing pressure on your joints and potentially reducing the severity of chronic medical conditions. 
  • Feeling better about yourself: Fueling your body with healthy food may boost mobility and well-being while improving your self-image. 

Everyone needs food to live, and healthy food can help you live longer. However, food is more than just fuel; it’s something most of us connect deeply to. The right food brings back memories of childhood pleasures. It’s also a powerful way to connect with others. Consider how a good meal transforms a simple movie night or conversation into an immersive experience. It helps forge bonds with loved ones and with friends, old and new.

Healthy eating should make you feel good, not exhausted. Senior living dining takes the work out of these experiences, so you can enjoy all of the pleasure and benefits with none of the work. 

The setting of the meal is an important aspect of the experience, too. Cedarhurst treats eating like an event that matters, because it does. In our communities, you can enjoy a meal in the privacy of your beautiful home or embrace restaurant-style dining. Whatever your preference that day, senior living means the meal is a pleasure because you won’t have to bicker with your partner about who cleans up or loads the dishwasher. 


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The Benefits of Senior Living Dining 

Eating better while working less is a huge benefit that can improve your quality of life. Some of the many benefits of senior living dining include: 

  • The chance to focus on cooking you’re passionate about: If you love baking or meal preparation, you can turn your attention to the occasions where making your own food really matters to you. 
  • No more cleanup, preparation, and planning: The hidden mental load of meal preparation can be immense. Cedarhurst reduces stress and frees time in your schedule so you can spend your days doing what you love most
  • Less cleaning and no mess: Meal preparation, especially for a complicated meal, can leave behind a massive mess—and with it, conflict over who does the dishes. Forget about meal cleanup. In a senior living community, you never have to do it again unless you want to. 
  • Easy entertaining: If you love visitors, invite them over to enjoy a meal that tastes like home-prepared fare but that doesn't leave a mess, cost a fortune, or require hours to prepare. 
  • Better health: Enjoy tasty, flavorful meals that are good for you, too. Cedarhurst has special menu options that cater to a range of health issues and dietary goals, including low-sodium, gluten-free, and heart healthy choices—and more. 
  • A predictable meal budget: Preparing your own food can be expensive, especially if you’re buying the fresh fruits and vegetables you need to stay healthy. Dining is included in the cost of your monthly rent, which means you can keep a more accurate budget. 

Eat the best food you’ve ever had, and watch how it slowly transforms your health and your relationship with your body. 

The Cedarhurst Approach to Senior Living Dining

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a million times: Food is a major predictor of health. People who eat a healthy diet live longer, healthier lives, with a lower risk of major health problems—but only 1 in 10 Americans get enough fruits and vegetables. 

Healthy eating is a vital ingredient in the recipe for healthy living. Good meals are an important part of your life, which is why we’ve worked so hard to build a dining program, Crafted by Cedarhurst℠, that works for a wide variety of people and dietary needs. 

Some of the many features you will enjoy with the Crafted by Cedarhurst℠ dining program include: 

All-Day Dining

You don’t have to eat on someone else’s schedule; eat when you’re ready. We offer breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, as well as some favorites, and they’re available all day. 

Daily Regional Specials 

Our program’s daily specials help ensure you’ll never get bored of the food. We offer fresh farm-to-table-style meals, including choices influenced by local cultures and customs. 

Comfort Foods 

Daily specials are great, but so are long-time favorites. Some of our most popular menu items and snacks are available every day, ensuring there’s always something you love on our menu. 

Choose Your Own Meal

We don’t offer single prepared options. Instead, you’ll enjoy restaurant-style menus, as well as the chance to design your own food. For example, we often offer options to build your own deli sandwich. 

Special Meal Options

We have options tailored to your nutritional needs, medical requirements, and health goals. These menu item choices include:

  • Heart Healthy: For those concerned about cardiac issues, this delicious option protects your cardiovascular health. 
  • Boost Your Brain℠: Nourish your brain with food that protects cognitive health. 
  • Diabetic-friendly: Enjoy delicious meals low on the glycemic index. 
  • Gluten-free: Delicious choices for those with celiac disease or gluten intolerance. 
  • Low-sodium: Low-sodium doesn’t mean low flavor with our meal plans.  

What’s Cooking at Cedarhurst?

At Cedarhurst, we’re cooking more than just meals. We’re crafting lasting connections, an immersive dining experience, and intentional, meaningful community. We believe in providing dining experiences that leave a lasting impression, even after the meal is gone. 

We’d love to have you join us for a meal. Learn more about what dining is like at a Cedarhurst Senior Living community with our guide More than a Menu: What’s Cooking at Cedarhurst.


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