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The Cedarhurst Lifestyle Is All About

Every resident at Cedarhurst gets the benefit of our innovative approach to life enrichment programming and our commitment to creating new ways to connect with the people who live and work here. 


Tailored Days and Experiences


Genuine and Heartfelt Relationships


Uplifted and Celebrated Strengths


Experiences to Excite the Senses

Independent Living at

Multiracial senior women having fun together

Say "so long" to household chores and tasks. Here, you'll find maintenance-free living along with amenities and services designed to support your choices and wellness goals.

Your Decisions, Your Lifestyle

Independent living at Cedarhurst is all about connection and experiences that keep you feeling active, vibrant, and at the top of your game. Our team is here to get to know you and provide you with the amenities and services that make life a bit more convenient and a lot sweeter.

Spending Weekend with Senior Friends
Friends walking at the park

New Friends

Neighbors at Cedarhurst become quick friends. You'll find someone is always ready to give a friendly smile in the hall, save you a seat at the next event, or recommend something on the menu.

People Attending Dance Class

New Opportunities

You choose what comes next in your schedule. Take a pottery class, learn something new at a living history lecture, or hit the trail for a birding excursion—it's all here at Cedarhurst. 

Assisted Living at

Group Of Smiling Senior Friends Walking Arm In Arm Along Shoreline Of Winter Beach-1203192990

Assisted living at Cedarhurst is designed to provide the right amount of assistance to keep you independent and thriving. Our experienced caregivers are always there to lend a helping hand as you pursue the passions you love.

A Helping Hand to Increase Independence

When you have the right support, you feel better, have more energy, and are more independent. Assisted living services ensure you have the support you need to keep up with your favorite things and live a life you love.

Carer helping senior with walker in garden
Physiotherapist helping senior couple exercise

Customized Assistance

Our experienced and friendly caregivers are there to enhance your independence by providing customized support. We're here to help you with the big tasks and small details so that you can feel your best.

Two female senior residents having a conversation over tea.

Connecting with Others

Isolation and loneliness have been proven to decrease overall health in seniors. That's why Cedarhurst is focused on creating moments of connection between neighbors. You'll find a new friend in no time.

Memory care at

Health visitor talking to a senior woman during home visit-1307432596

Our memory care community is created just for those living with Alzheimer's disease or dementia. Here, we focus on building genuine relationships, crafting full-sensory experiences, honoring strengths, and providing tailored interactions.

Personalized Approaches Create Joyful Moments

Dementia creates a lot of challenges, which is why every detail of our memory care community is designed to meet them. From our staff members to our sensory-driven outdoor areas to our dining program, we are focused on providing the best days possible for every resident.

Grandfather holding grandson on his lap
Elder care nurse playing jigsaw puzzle with senior woman in nursing home

Sensory Opportunities

There's something about feeling the breeze on your face, tasting a freshly squeezed orange, or smelling newly laundered sheets that fosters feelings of comfort, peace, and happiness. We find ways to stimulate the senses throughout the day here at Cedarhurst.

Senior man sitting looking at photo album with staff member

Personalized Approaches

Our memory care team members get to know the history and preferences of every resident we serve. This knowledge allows us to create experiences that will bring them feelings of home.

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