Here Are the Top 5 Senior Living Dining Trends at Cedarhurst

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What’s your favorite meal? Do you love it because it tastes good, or because it’s good for you? 

Cedarhurst stays ahead of the dining curve, sprinkling our menu with top senior living dining trends as well as tried-and-true favorites. The result is a menu that means you don’t have to choose between healthy eating and tasty eating. 

That’s a good thing because good nutrition becomes even more important as you age. And most adults aren’t eating as healthy as they could—just 1 in 10 get enough fruits and vegetables. That’s a missed opportunity to optimize your health and well-being, and maybe even prolong your life. 

Cedarhurst makes it easy to get the healthy, delicious food you need by offering all-day dining in a restaurant-style setting. Of course, you can always grab and go, and enjoy a nourishing meal in your home or one of our green spaces, too. 

These aren’t the only perks that come with our Crafted by CedarhurstSM dining program. Don’t miss out on these top five senior living dining trends cooking every day in our senior living communities. 

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1. Healthy and Delicious Food

Cedarhurst offers a range of custom menu options designed to suit various nutritional needs. Trying to cut out gluten but worried about how you’ll make it without bread? We can help. Need a low-sodium diet but concerned about bland, boring food? You’ll never have to worry about that in our community. 

Our unique—and uniquely delicious—culinary offerings include the following options: 

  • Diabetic-Friendly
  • Heart Healthy
  • Boost Your BrainSM
  • Gluten-Free
  • Low-Sodium 

These options are just the beginning of our innovative approach to dining. We can cater to virtually any dietary preference and palate. Our dining experience prioritizes senior nutrition with: 

  • A rich array of fruits and vegetables, ensuring you get enough fiber and supporting a vegetarian diet
  • Plenty of lean, healthy proteins to aid in keeping your muscles strong and your brain sharp
  • A variety of meal options that meet your needs whether you’re trying to gain or lose weight
  • Plenty of drink options, including delicious coffee—did you know that drinking coffee is associated with a longer life and a lower risk of many diseases? 

2. Dining as an Experience 

We have deep emotional connections to food. You probably remember some of the best meals of your childhood, including the setting and who was there. Maybe you turn to food as a source of comfort when you’re stressed. And if you’ve ever had to give up a beloved food, you know that it can feel like parting with an old friend. 

Healthy dining is about more than what you eat; it’s about the experience. It’s about ensuring that your meal nourishes your mind and body, enriches your relationships, and leaves you feeling good about yourself. Eating more slowly can help you feel fuller and more satisfied, plus you’ll have more time to truly savor your meal. And it’s easier to eat slowly when you’re enjoying the experience. 

One of the main benefits of a Cedarhurst Senior Living community is how easy it is to enjoy restaurant-style dining all the time. Go on a date with your honey without having to drive or order a car. Curl up with a snack and a good book in a cozy setting, assured that you’ll never have to clean up dishes. 

Residents aren’t limited to just our dining rooms, though. You can also grab a quick bite and take it back to your home or meet a friend in any of our indoor or outdoor gathering spaces. Enjoy a different meal experience every time you eat, if you desire. This flexibility to connect over food and enjoy each meal may improve your nutrition and quality of life. 


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3. Embracing Foodie Culture 

Think you have to head to your local neighborhood cafe to get the best seasonal fare and comfort food? Or that delicious eating requires all-day meal preparation and a long trip to the grocery store? Think again. 

Some of the best food available is just outside your door, in the Cedarhurst dining space. Crafted by CedarhurstSM offers tried-and-true favorites with innovative twists, including:

  • Fresh, local ingredients
  • Meals inspired by the local culture
  • Comfort foods updated to meet your nutritional goals 

You don’t have to spend all day with your nose buried in a cookbook and all night standing in front of a stove to be a foodie in our communities. Instead, everyone at Cedarhurst enjoys exceptional food year-round, no matter their tastes, preferences, or nutritional needs. Many of our residents tell us how surprised they are by the quality of the food—and that’s why they keep coming back for seconds (and sometimes thirds). 

4. Custom Meal Options

When you were a kid, you probably got sick of the smell of school cafeteria food—the predictability, the totally uninspired nature of the same food week after week. It’s normal to worry that senior living dining might serve up a repeat. 

Nothing could be further from the truth. There are no one-size-fits-all meal options here. Instead, we offer a variety of meals, sides, appetizers, and comfort foods you can mix and match to create your perfect meal, every time. 

Don’t forget to leave room for dessert! Our residents tell us our sweets rival the offerings at local bakeries. 

5. A Blend of Variety and Comfort

Variety is the spice of life. That’s why we offer an ever-shifting roster of seasonally inspired fare. We all need a little comfort, too, and picky eaters who prefer routine should be able to enjoy their food! Cedarhurst Senior Living brings together the best of both worlds. We offer recurring favorites, often as part of our all-day menu, so you can grab what you love most and never worry that it won’t be available. 

We’re also always thrilled to accept resident input. If you had a meal you loved at a local restaurant or spotted an enticing new recipe you don’t have time to prepare yourself, tell us about it. You might just find it on our next menu. 

We also know that everyone has a favorite meal—maybe it was your mom’s chocolate cake or your aunt’s inimitable spaghetti. Our kitchen teams are proud to learn residents’ favorite recipes and incorporate those into our menu. And if you’re hoping for something special for your birthday or anniversary, we’ve got you covered. 

Senior Living Dining That Nourishes Bodies and Minds 

Food matters. It deeply affects our health and quality of life. At Cedarhurst, we believe in listening to our residents’ needs and building a menu that works for their goals—whatever those might be. You deserve only the best, and that’s what you’ll get each day, whether you dash in and dash out for a quick takeout meal or plan your day around dining with friends. 

With Crafted by CedarhurstSM , food is about more than just a meal. Learn what else we’re cooking and how it enriches your life.

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