What is There to do in a Senior Living Community?

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What is There to do in a Senior Living Community?
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If you're like most people considering the move to a senior living community, you’ve probably spent a lot of your life catering to others’ needs and working hard—whether you were fighting traffic every day to get to work, getting up with children before the crack of dawn, or building a business from the ground up. Maybe you did all three at different times. 

The next chapter of your life is a chance to prioritize your own needs and reap the benefits of a lifetime of hard work, deep relationships, and growth. The activities at senior living communities vary greatly from community to community, but at Cedarhurst, one thing is certain: We design every program with residents in mind so you can make the most of this exciting new chapter. 

In a senior living community, it’s easier to do the things you love, whether you’re dedicated to the same hobby each day or hope to live a life of perennially changing adventures. But instead of spending your precious time planning activities, coordinating transportation, and developing a budget for your hobbies, the right community empowers you to enjoy a wide range of programming each day under one roof—and for a single price. 

Cedarhurst is committed to providing senior living activities that cater to the wide interests and preferences of our residents.

Here are some of the most popular activities you’ll find in our communities. 

Educational Programming

A lifetime of learning makes you smarter and gives you meaningful ways to spend your time. It can also keep you healthier. Continuing to mentally challenge yourself keeps your brain young, potentially improving cognitive function and reducing your risk of developing dementia. 

Cedarhurst communities focus on a lifetime of learning, helping you master new skills and cultivate a wide range of hobbies. Depending on the location, residents may enjoy crafting, lectures, stimulating intellectual discussions, yoga, and more. 

Want to master a new skill but not sure where to begin? We could even start a class in the community on that topic—just ask!

A More Active Lifestyle

You probably know that physical fitness is a pillar of well-being as you age. But unless you have a gym in your basement or a highly walkable neighborhood, staying active can be tough. 

At Cedarhurst, we believe in mutual motivation. Living among a community of wellness-conscious residents can inspire you to get up and get moving. And as part of our commitment to Living TRUESM, we offer a range of year-round fitness classes and activities. In many locations, we also provide amenities that encourage you to become healthier such as a gym, walking trails, and more. 

Parties and Celebrations 

Our residents celebrate life every day by nurturing deep connections, enjoying nourishing and healthy food, and spending their time living life as they see fit. But special occasions are special even when you’re living joyfully every day. After all, most of us want something to look forward to. 

Our party-ready communities are great spots to plan your next celebration. We also host year-round celebrations such as:

  • Holiday celebrations, parties, and gift exchanges 
  • Celebrations of milestone birthdays and anniversaries 
  • Resident achievements such as starting a business or completing graduate school 

Special Events 

What do you love spending your weekends doing? No matter what you’re into, Cedarhurst can probably cater to it. Our year-round special events include: 

  • Live music performances 
  • Lectures from various experts 
  • Movie nights 
  • Game nights 
  • Dances 

One of our most popular events has been Family Night. It’s a great, easy way to bring your family together without having to cook, clean, or decorate. Simply sit back and enjoy family-friendly programming for folks of every age. 

Clubs and Organizations

Perhaps the only thing more fun than spending time on a cherished hobby is finding someone else to do your favorite things with. Our residents have started a wide range of clubs and organizations including walking clubs, book clubs, garden clubs, and more. One Cedarhurst resident, an Entomology professor, began his own butterfly garden on campus to share and tend to with other residents. 

Read More of Dr. Hart and his wife’s story here.

The great benefit of these clubs is that the people who join them are your neighbors. You can spend more time on your hobby and more time connecting, all while you’re wasting less time planning, driving, and dealing with logistics. If there’s something you’d love to spend your time doing, whether you’re a beginner or an old pro, we have the infrastructure to help you build an organization centered around it. 

Outdoor Activities

Spending time outside is a great way to get a hefty dose of bone-protecting vitamin D. Fun in the sun can make an active lifestyle feel easier. For many people, spending time in nature reduces anxiety and imbues life with a sense of purpose and connection. 

When you live alone in a house, spending time outside might mean noticing all the landscaping tasks you neglected or struggling to find a comfortable outdoor spot where the sun and bugs aren’t in your eyes. Many of our Cedarhurst communities are designed with outdoor living in mind, offering lush green spaces, walking trails, community gardens, outdoor yoga classes, and more. 

Forget about the endless work of landscaping, setting up, and maintaining your own outdoor living area. Cedarhurst does the heavy lifting so you can slow down and reconnect to the simple pleasures of outdoor life. 

For many of our residents, time outside offers a short and simple path to becoming more physically active. And physical activity is one of the key ingredients in the recipe for a healthier life. 


When you’re spending less time on chores, meal preparation, and home maintenance, it’s easier to turn your attention to helping others. Giving back can help you build a sense of purpose and build a legacy of compassion and love that nurtures future generations. Cedarhurst offers community volunteering opportunities throughout the year so you can give back and spend time with friends all at once. 

Spiritual Support 

Spirituality can help you feel happier and healthier. It nurtures a deeper sense of well-being. It offers assurance that there’s more than what's immediately in front of us and that what we do matters. 

Cedarhurst embraces all spiritual practices and beliefs, including an absence of such beliefs. Our communities boast a wide range of spiritual living options—Bible study, celebrations for religious holidays, cross-religious conversations, and regular religious services, to name just a few. 

We understand that your religious beliefs may be central to who you are. We work within our community to develop a range of spiritual support options that center residents’ needs and values. 

Additional Amenities 

Our amenities are wide and varied, and we’re always adding more to improve community life. Each community has its own culture and a robust list of amenities. Depending on the location, you may enjoy a pool, fitness center, walking trail, community garden, and more. 

Our goal is to make whatever you want to do easier and more accessible. Many residents tell us that our amenities make entertaining seamless by removing the preparation and cleanup and ensuring family and friends always have a gorgeous space to spend time. 


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Learn More About Life at Cedarhurst

Life at Cedarhurst is whatever you make it. When we ask our residents what they want people to know, one theme repeats again and again: Life here is better than they thought it would be, and they wish they had moved sooner. They wish they had known all of the opportunities and positive changes that life in a senior living community could bring. 

Now that you know, we’d love to welcome you to one of our many community events or take you on a tour. Curious to learn even more? Check out our guide to life at Cedarhurst


Originally published October 2022. Revised September 2023.

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