Cedarhurst Supportive Living Communities

As a Supportive Living Provider*, Cedarhurst accepts Medicaid, and offers affordable options to help our residents age in place. Residents and their families can rest assured that the top-rate services, amenities, and care are always available, even if financial conditions change. Every Cedarhurst resident is loved, valued and able to enjoy full-service dining, safety features, and customized care so day-to-day needs are always met, and life can be lived to the fullest. Our high quality, affordable living options mean you and your loved ones can feel confident in your decision to join our Cedarhurst community.

*Currently available in our Cedarhurst of Quincy community

Levels of Care

It’s important that together we find the appropriate level of care to best fit your daily life. That fit begins with conducting a series of assessments to ensure you receive the precise level of care you need.


With supportive care, our staff focuses on delivering in-person reminders to complete daily tasks, such as brushing teeth. These brief, friendly interactions don’t include supervision or hands-on assistance. This minimal level of care is designed to ensure regular, healthy habits are maintained, not overlooked.


This moderate level of care is more attentive and supervisory. It includes in-person reminders such as those included in our supportive care, plus observation from a staff member to ensure daily tasks are completed. Some respectful, one-on-one assistance is also offered when requested or when an activity is seen to be challenging.


This maximum level of care puts the responsibility of daily tasks in the hands of a trained, encouraging staff member. They will offer any help that is needed to maintain healthy habits from head to toe. Delivery of this care is highly responsive and sensitive to the importance of independence, with support when a resident has the desire to perform tasks on their own.

Medication Management

When you live at Cedarhurst, we’ll make a medication management recommendation as part of your levels of care assessment.

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