Meet Shelby Jean and see how meaningful memory care can be.

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In the years since Shelby Jean moved in with her daughter Shelly in 2002, her memory issues have gotten progressively worse. 

She lost interest in all of the things that previously brought her joy, even spending less time with the grandchildren she adores so much. Shelby Jean stopped hobbies she loved, like reading, listening to music, and watching movies. Finally, she stopped communicating altogether.

For Shelly, it was hard watching her mom—who had once taught her baton twirling and was her junior high cheerleading coach—shut down. 

But a short stint in respite care at Cedarhurst changed everything. Shelby Jean enjoyed her respite stay so much, she transitioned into being a full-time memory care resident at Cedarhurst. She’s been thriving ever since. 

Shelly can now rest assured that at Cedarhurst, the staff truly knows Shelby Jean as an individual. Mostly, she’s just thrilled that her mom is living her best life again.

There’s so much more to Shelby Jean and Shelly’s story. 

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When looking back on their Cedarhurst journey, Shelly knew it would all work out after her initial visit. “I just walked in, didn’t have an appointment or anything. Didn’t matter—they just swept me up and took me on a tour, showed me an apartment and gave me a wealth of information. It just made me feel right at home, so I felt like my mom would feel right at home.”

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