How we’re responding to the COVID-19 virus.

We are putting a new meaning to activities at Cedarhurst of Edwardsville. No need to worry. Bingo, musical entertainment, Tuesday’s at the Knights of Columbus, and other favorite activities are still a part of our weekly routine.  Our attention, however, has been to personalize our activities towards the resident’s interest. We find out what they did for hobbies and occupations and incorporate those skills into their day. This has been a great way for us to learn more about our residents and to enrich their lives with meaningful activities.

Every spring, we plant flowers and herbs in our courtyard and use it as a fun activity. This year, one of our residents, Elva, has taken over the title of Plant Manager. To Elva, gardening is something that she enjoyed doing with her mother and her children. She helped pick out the flowers, teach staff members and other resident’s how to plant them, and gave tips on how to fertilize the plants. Elva encourages other resident’s to help her pick weeds and water the plants daily.

Another hobby that residents are still participating in is quilting. Darlene has joined a quilting group at the New Bethel Church in Glen Carbon, IL. Once a week, she goes to the church and helps hand sew quilts for members in the community. She has also sewn small quilts for employees that are expecting a child. When employees are in need of sewing expertise, Darlene is there to help with anything from sewing on buttons to hemming a pair of slacks. She has quilted most of her life and has won competitions for quilts that she has hand sewn. Quilting and sewing is a something that fulfills her day and brings joyful memories.

Throughout our neighborhoods, we also try to incorporate household chores. While chores may not seem like a fun activities to most, there are many women that enjoy helping with chores that surround meal times. Chores like washing dishes, cleaning tables, serving meals, sweeping and vacuuming floors, and taking out the trash, provide a sense of familiarity to their day. Being able to contribute to the meal times and to assist the caregiving team makes them feel that they have a true purpose in their home.