How we’re responding to the COVID-19 virus.

From the inception of Cedarhurst, our main focus has been on the quality of life of those who live in our communities. Nearly every community decision that is made is based around a single question, “Is this what is best for our residents?” With that type of emphasis on quality of care and quality of life, Cedarhurst is Designed for Living – from the ground up.

Every program, every planned (or spontaneous) activity, and every trip is specifically designed to help cater to the main characteristics of life: spiritual, physical, emotional, mental, social and intellectual. We encourage family involvement in all of our activities and some are even open to the general public. All of our communities have also created relationships with local schools and churches creating intergenerational programs. These types of interactions have been successfully proven to enrich the lives of both seniors and adolescents. By incorporating these ideals into our seniors’ lives on a daily basis, we create environments that are healthy and thriving.

When families and loved ones visit Cedarhurst, it’s just like a trip to a grandparent’s house. We want residents to live their lives as they wish and this is why we encourage anything from drawing with sidewalk chalk to making s’mores by the fire to bringing bikes to ride, – whatever your family does to feel at home together, you can do at Cedarhurst. This also includes having family meals together. Each of our locations has a private dining space that can be reserved for family meals – some of which include a private kitchen as well. Have family recipes that you love? Share them with our chefs and we will be sure to incorporate them into our menus. Cedarhurst isn’t just about supporting the lives of our elders, but supporting their families and loved ones before, during and after the transition into a senior living community.

When choosing employees for Cedarhurst, we are incredibly selective. We search for those who are passionate about what they do, have empathy and concern for those they work with and most importantly are well-educated and proficient in their area of expertise. We also have education programs that we encourage our staff to complete including training through the Alzheimer’s Association, Ageless Grace (exercise program designed specifically for elders), and Music and Memory Therapy. Through this process, we have created a team of amazing and dedicated individuals who each bring something special to the table.

These are just a few of the reasons why Cedarhurst is Designed for Living.