Mindful Caregiving Series

1st Monday of each month at 11:00AM CST

(except for Wednesday, October 5th at 6:00PM CST for Replenish Caregiver Wellness Retreat)

Join us for a virtual monthly caregiver series that will focus on how you can improve your quality of life, perseverance, and ability to handle stressful situations as a caregiver.

Melissa Smith-Wilkinson, the founder of Caregiver Wellness Retreat, will be offering real-time mindfulness tools and techniques that are simple and easy to implement throughout your day.

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Monthly Topics: 

OCTOBER 5TH: Replenish Caregiver Wellness Retreat

It’s easy to put yourself last. We all do it in various seasons of our lives. When in fact, the last thing we need to give up is the thing that gets us through. With guest experts within their respective wellness, nutrition and caregiving fields, join us for a moving and empowering online one-and-a-half-hour retreat which will explore: mindfulnesshealthy eating, family connection, and other powerful resources to help you in your journey to thriving while caregiving. 


Upcoming 2022 Dates:

  • November 7th
  • December 5th

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"I am so grateful for the support that I am receiving and I enjoy the events so much. I feel that I have found my “other” family to help me and guide me through this."

Sandra Inman
Daughter of current resident