Senior Living cost calculator

By answering the following 8 questions, we can help you compare the cost of staying in your home with assistance to the cost of living in a senior living community.

Often people will delay a move to senior living because they fear they cannot afford it, yet they don’t realize the true cost they are paying to stay in their own home.

 When you understand the true costs, it’s easier to evaluate your options.


All property taxes, utilities, and cable are included in a community.

Choose the option that best describes the current neighborhood of the person considering a move
to a senior living community.

House icon
Rural or small town
Urban Route Icon
Moderately sized
or town
Buildings Icon
Bigger city or urban area with generally higher cost of living

Three balanced and healthy meals a day, plus snacks, are provided
at a community.

If you stayed at home, select the option for how you'd receive three meals per day.

Baking Icon
I can cook three meals a day for myself
Soda and Burger Icon
I can cook some and deliver some meals for myself
Grocery Icon
I can deliver or have family deliver my meals

All home maintenance and housekeeping is included in a community.

Please select each service below the person considering a move to a senior living community would need if they stayed at home.

Wheelbarrow Icon
Lawn care and yardwork
Cleaning Icon
Drill Icon
Home maintenance
Skip this question if none of these options apply.

Personal care and companionship are provided at a community.

To receive those services in your home, the average hourly rate is $26 to $27 depending on the services provided. We’ve used $26.50 for this exercise. Please indicate how many hours a day you believe you might need/want if staying in your home:

I require home care hours per day

Is there a friend or family member who is providing you with assistance as you currently live at home?

Estimate the amount of assistance you receive below.

This person spends approximately hours per week assisting me

On-site socialization, activities, fitness opportunities, and entertainment are included in community living.

Do you want us to include the average cost of entertainment as determined by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Services in your analysis?

Yes Icon
Dislike Icon

Does the person considering a move to a senior living community
have a monthly mortgage, rent, or HOA payment?

Yes Icon
No Icon
I spend on rent/mortgage/HOA payments per month

Please enter the monthly fee for the apartment you're considering, or choose one of the average monthly fees from the list below.

Apartment Icon
Custom Monthly Fee
Assisted Living Icon
Assisted Living*
Memory Care Icon
Memory Support*
*Source: Genworth - National 2021 monthly median cost
The apartment I’m considering costs per month

Here are your results:

Here is how staying in your home would compare to moving to a senior living community.

Icon of a person inside the outline of a house

Your Current Home


Icon of a group of three people with a heart over their heads

Senior Living Community*


Please contact your local Cedarhurst community for specific pricing information and a customized estimate based on you and/or your loved one's needs.

*Source: Genworth - National 2021 monthly median cost

Here are your results:

Monthly Cost
Property taxes / Utilities / Cable1,2
Lawn care / Yardwork / Housekeeping / Home maintenance1,6
Home care services7
Assistance from friend or family7
Socializing / Entertainment / Fitness8
Mortgage / Rent / HOA9
Current home total

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