Cedarhurst is Developed for Living

Before developing a community for Cedarhurst, extensive research is performed by experts in the field. We pride ourselves on building Cedarhurst Living communities in local, thriving communities with a healthy, aging population that will be able to support a community of our size. Nearly every community decision that is made from development, to construction, to management is based around a single question, “Is this what is best for our residents?” With that type of emphasis on quality of care and quality of life, Cedarhurst is Developed for Living – from even the initial research stages.

Our research generally takes Cedarhurst interest to strong, prosperous communities that show a need for a community of our nature. We enjoy being able to help contribute to the towns in which our communities reside as well as creating jobs and offering an essential service with the highest standards in the industry. Senior living communities have grown in popularity and have quickly become a necessity of the future with the aging baby boomers coming into their golden years.

Senior or retirement living communities have grown by leaps and bounds within the past 20 years, not only in quantity, but also in quality. Long gone are the days of cement brick buildings lacking touches of home or curb appeal. Today’s seniors have seemingly endless choices of beautiful communities, with full activity calendars and fully-trained staff available for assistance. Our goal at Cedarhurst is to make our communities feel like home, because it IS home for our residents. For this reason, we take our amenities above and beyond by including cozy common areas, a library, activity areas, a private spa, a salon, outdoor space, camp fire pits, etc.

Another way our retirement communities are Developing for Living is through our efforts to completely develop our activities to reflect and nourish the essential needs of every person including: mental, social, physical, spiritual, emotional, and intellectual needs. We encourage family involvement as well as participation from local schools to visit our community, spend time with our elders and share experiences.

After visiting one of our communities and just getting a glimpse of what Cedarhurst is all about, it is easy to see how we have been Developed for Living.