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Cedarhurst is a premier senior living community with several locations across the St. Louis Metro Area. At Cedarhurst, we encourage our residents to live each day to the fullest. By encouraging them to be active in the community and participate in resident activities, our residents thrive. We know every person is unique, and we are devoted to our residents living with choices, experiences and friendships that allow them to be healthier and happier.

Cedarhurst offers various activities and exercise classes that focus on strengthening both the mind and body. Some activities and exercises offered include “bamboo stretch”, trivia, balance class, gardening, “smooth moves” stretch class, chair exercises, musical entertainment, and weight workouts, among others. These classes are focused on helping residents improve their strength, coordination, memory, and balance, as well as providing residents a positive, fun group atmosphere where they can receive their daily exercise and socialize with other residents in the community.

Cedarhurst’s kitchen also provides well-balanced, nutritional meals that are prepared by chefs. All of our meal plans are reviewed by a nutritionist before being implemented in our communities, and nutritional alternatives are always available for residents who want to opt for different food than what’s on our daily menus. We even encourage residents to share their favorite or family recipes with our kitchen.

Health and well-being is a top priority within all Cedarhurst’s communities, and it is our mission to provide a healthy and happy environment for each resident, each day. We believe Cedarhurst should be the best place a senior has ever lived, and we have devoted ourselves to fulfilling this promise.

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