What Working at Cedarhurst Means to Me

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“To me, working at Cedarhurst is very gratifying. I am able to help families find a wonderful home for their loved ones. I love seeing how the residents begin to thrive when moving into our community, make new friendships and discover how enjoyable being a senior can really be.” – Trista McWilliams

“I thoroughly enjoy being a part of Cedarhurst. It is so rewarding to work with our residents, families and co-workers. We are one big family here. It is my home away from home.” – Stephanie Good

“To me, working at Cedarhurst means being someone who makes someone else look forward to tomorrow. By making a small difference in the daily lives of others, I make a difference in my own life, and that is why I love my job.” Kait Bickel

“I love working at Cedarhurst for many reasons… great teamwork, positive attitudes, caring & compassionate staff, home like atmosphere, and amazing residents!! I DO look forward to going to “work”!” – Kathy Rutledge

“Since the first day that I started working here, which is over five years now, I have loved working with these wonderful residents. I have never loved a job as much as this because I consider the residents my friends and family.  Love you all.”  – Sharon Foster 

“It really means a lot to me to be able to help our residents and to take care of those with Dementia and Alzheimer’s. No one wants this illness and it could happen to anyone of us.” – Bonnie Jones

“I enjoy working at Cedarhurst for the deep bonds and relationships I can develop with our residents. They help me learn and grow and in return I try to make their lives a little brighter and return the love they give me.” – Andrea Vernier 

“I love that I get to know each and every resident and their families. We are all like family here. We love and care for the residents like they are our own family.” –Jennifer Donaldson

“I enjoy working with the residents and getting to them and their families. Being able to spend time with them and hearing their stories means so much to me. I also love spending time with my co-workers. We ROCK!” – Dawn Heimann

“I really enjoy getting to form a relationship with the residents and their families. Working at Cedarhurst is very enjoyable. With great residents and great co-workers, it is like one big family.” – Rachel Pollmann

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