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We all have our own thoughts about what Senior Living is – whether it be individuals living at home, with family, or in a facility of some sort.  Unfortunately, it often times is not the most positive image that comes to mind.

At Cedarhurst, we are trying to change the way that individuals see and feel about senior and retirement living.  In today’s world, there is an array of possibilities and choices for seniors as they enter their golden years and are searching for less responsibility, assistance when needed, and/or peace of mind for themselves or their family.

The word facility is banned at Cedarhurst. Why, you ask? We are not a facility; we are a community. A facility is simply defined as alternative housing option for older adults who may or may not need assistance, and Cedarhurst is so much more than that. We truly are a community and that feeling is shared not just among our residents but also among our entire team.

Creating a space where elders feel welcome and at home takes many steps and ongoing efforts. There’s the building and designing basics such as creating an atmosphere that is both aesthetically pleasing, yet functional and inviting. Adding little, personal touches such as a beauty salon, movie theater, activity room, and library creates the sense of a little community within a community. Filling the air with aromas of freshly baked cookies or a delicious dinner is simple. The key is those who live and work within the walls of that community. By selectively hiring and highly training our staff, we have created communities that are worthy of recognition.

Cedarhurst seeks out qualified individuals who genuinely wish to help and care for those around them. As an organization, we conduct background checks on all of our employees. Once hired, our employees go through various forms of training to ensure that they are knowledgeable, prepared and able to provide the highest levels of care in the industry. Some of the training included is on-site community training where our new employees learn about the company and the community. We also provide training through the Alzheimer’s Association to further educate our staff on the best practices, helpful tips and how to plan engaging activities when working with our Memory Care residents. We also provide access to ongoing, online industry-specific training to keep our staff members up-to-date.

We believe that this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to changing the face of senior living. Cedarhurst is on it’s way to becoming a leader in the industry through creating communities that become families.

If you would like to learn more about what makes Cedarhurst a community, we invite you to join us for an activity, a happy hour, or just a lunch tour to see the Cedarhurst difference. Please feel free to contact any of our communities with any questions.

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