Memory Care

Identifying unique capabilities and making the most of each day

There is a world of potential within every individual at Cedarhurst. Each day is an opportunity for our residents to have an amazing experience with the community around them. The key for our Memory Care is uncovering each of our resident’s unique capabilities, and working with them daily to support their best life.

Our highly-trained staff employs a technique called Person-Centered Care. It takes a personalized, scientific, and comprehensive approach to understanding our residents. We start by developing a full profile of each resident that includes his or her history, family background, dining preferences, sleeping, and activity periods throughout the day. By building relationships with each resident we are able to use our training to assess his or her abilities. Together, our residents and our staff come to recognize the way to enhance the value in an individual’s daily-life. We’re able to provide true person-centered care, where a resident is encouraged to use every ounce of his or her independence as long as possible.

We also integrate on-site therapy into our residents’ lives. If our profile and personalized knowledge of a resident leads us to identify a need for speech, occupational, or physical therapy, we’ll find a way to integrate those support systems into someone’s day. Therapy can be delivered as a part of other community activities or customized for one-on-one engagement and interaction. We also offer other forms of therapies including: Music & Memory, Ageless Grace and Pet Therapy.

The fact of the matter is that this approach to care takes more time, energy, patience and focus than what one might find in a more traditional assisted living or nursing home setting. We wholeheartedly believe that this method is the best way to enhance our residents’ lives, as Person-Centered care honors the dignity of the individuals we serve.

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Warning Signs

There are several hallmarks of becoming a senior that are considered “typical”. There are also some symptoms of aging that are considered less typical and indicate underlying health issues. At Cedarhurst, we want to offer the very best care to facilitate the appropriate balance of independence and support for you. Part of that process is identifying if you or a loved one are a candidate for our custom created Memory Care services.

New Problems Communicating
Misplacing things and losing the ability to retrace steps
Decreased or poor judgement
Withdrawing from work or social activities
Changes in mood and personality
Memory loss that disrupts daily life
Specialized Services
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