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What EmpowerMe Wellness Offers You

EmpowerMe Wellness is a unique provider designed to deliver comprehensive emotional, physical and intellectual care right where you live. Pharmacy and one-on-one therapy services available through EmpowerMe are fully integrated, a part of daily routine, and personalized for you by our expert team. This integration of care provides a holistic approach, customized to the needs of each individual. Your EmpowerMe Wellness team is full-time, so they’re available whenever you have questions or just want to say hello.

Individualized wellness plans encourage you to maintain healthy, independent living for both body and mind. These programs focus on the physical, mental, social, and spiritual dimensions of wellness, through specialty fitness classes, personalized training, Tabata training, Tai Chi, Callanetics, interactive music, meditation and much more.

All of these services are available without leaving the community, or even your apartment. Licensed therapists and registered nurses will work with you on a continual basis, expertly supervising your therapy and developing individual wellness plans to maintain your health and independence.

With EmpowerMe Wellness, maintaining your personal wellness has never been easier.

Physical Therapy

The better your body works, the better you feel every day. Personalized, one-on-one physical therapy services ensure you focus on working the right areas in the right way. This enhances strength and balance to help guard against falls, contributes to successful recovery from injury or surgery, and helps you achieve other personal goals as well.

Occupational Therapy

When illness or injury compromises writing by hand, eating meals, daily dressing and other activities, rest assured that EmpowerMe occupational therapists are here to help restore your abilities. As an added bonus, you’ll notice that as your dexterity and fine motor skills improve, overall confidence, self-reliance and independence are restored, too.

Speech Therapy

Communication is vital to explain what you feel or need, and also an essential component of social and family life. The EmpowerMe speech therapy program thoroughly addresses all aspects of speech and oral disorder, assisting you with effective ways to remedy challenges related to language, cognition, speaking, swallowing and eating.

Dementia Specialists

EmpowerMe Wellness therapists have specialized training and in-depth knowledge to draw on as they work with you through the challenges of Alzheimer’s and dementia. They play a vital role in minimizing risks, improving communication, supporting mobility and more, with programs thoughtfully designed to help you make the most of life, in each moment.

EmpowerMe Pharmacy

This specialized long-term care pharmacy is an innovative answer for the complexity of managing medications. We use an automated system and highly customized, clearly labeled packaging to help deliver your doses safely, accurately and on-time. This additional supervision reduces health risks from errors and means both convenience and peace of mind for you.

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