Assisted Living

Exceptional Well-Being

There is a perfect balance between independence and support – assisted living. As you or a loved one ages, there are certain tasks that become more challenging and other activities that become easier.

At Cedarhurst, our goal is to accentuate what brings joy and provides comfort around tasks that have become more difficult. Filling the down-time between wellness programs, social outings, and visits from family, there is exceptional care from a talented and caring staff.

Our approach to assisted living is shaped by respect and understanding of the unique lives of our residents. We’ve created a community with a multitude of services (also known as Levels of Care) and it is up to you, your family, and your doctors to determine what aspects of your life you want/need additional assistance with. Our trained healthcare professionals use their expertise and genuine respect for our residents to serve you in the ways that encourage independence, dignity, and individuality. We want nothing more than to foster your sense of happiness, give you the experience of a life well lived, and protect your health and safety while doing so.

Our goal is to work together to ensure residents are happy, comfortable, and getting the most out of each day
Variety of life-enriching activities and events designed to stimulate the mind, body and soul.
Dedicated to the preservation of dignity and independence of our residents
Specialized Services
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