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There is no specific telltale sign to watch for when it comes to considering assisted living for yourself, or more likely, a loved one. It’s more commonly a series of changes that become increasingly evident over a period of time.

The main considerations are safety for the senior and relieving anxiety for the family, uncertain if their loved one remains capable of living on their own. Forgetting where the cell phone is isn’t an issue limited to seniors and isn’t necessarily a cause for concern. But forgetting what a cell phone is used for certainly would be.

Here are some signs that may indicate the time for assisted living or memory care  is approaching:

• Withdrawal from lifelong activities (skipping church or hobbies)

• Uncertainty over medications

• Unpaid bills or unopened mail

• Lapses in exterior home maintenance

• Lapses in personal hygiene

• Changes in weight or eating habits

• Unusual clutter in the home

• Increasing confusion or repetitiveness

• Putting items in odd places

• Comments from friends or neighbors

The time to begin thinking about senior living is long before developments force the issue. It’s an important decision and one that should be made outside of the pressures driven by immediate need. If you or a loved one are coping with some of these possible signs, we’ll be happy to discuss them with you and provide guidance with compassion, sensitivity, and understanding.