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Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate friendship, companionship, and love. It is a day to celebrate new love or a love that has endured decades. It is the perfect time to remind loved ones how much you mean to one another and how you enjoy having them as part of your life.

For seniors, Valentine’s Day can be one full of thoughtful memories of them and their spouse and potential loneliness for those that have lost someone close to them. If a loved one has indeed lost a spouse this day could be difficult for them and can foster emotions of loneliness and sadness. That is why it is important to spend time with your aging loved one on Valentine’s to show them that they are not alone.

Whether your loved one is at home or being cared for by others in an Assisted Living or Memory Care community you can make this day memorable for them and full of joy. Here are a few ideas of how to brighten your aging loved one’s Valentine’s and put a smile on their face.

Send a card, flowers, or both
Flowers are a Valentine’s Day staple and a good way to brighten anyone’s day. Send your loved one a heartfelt card letting them know you are thinking about them today and pair them with some flowers. While sending a card and flowers is a nice gesture and always appreciated delivering them in-person would be even nicer and a great surprise!

Travel down memory lane
Look through old photos together and reminisce about favorite past memories. If your loved one has any old love letters stored away reading them together is a nice way to relive past memories and learn about what made their love so great. Reminiscing can bring forward numerous emotions such as happiness, fondness, laughter, and maybe even a little sadness. Try to focus on the happiness and laughter to keep reminiscing about past times fun, light hearted, and to remind them how special love is.

Have a movie night
Grab some popcorn, a classic romance movie or romantic comedy and spend the evening together having a movie night. This can be a great time to relax and enjoy some low-key quality time. Don’t want to stay home? Check your local movie theater to see if they have a Valentine’s Day special going on and make a night of it with dinner and a movie.

Continue a tradition
If your loved one had a tradition that they would do each year with their spouse, you can help that tradition continue. Maybe they would go to the same restaurant each year, cook a certain meal together at home or watch a specific show/movie. Whatever it is, learn about the tradition they would do each Valentine’s and ask them if they would like to carry on the tradition with you. This will allow you to continue their tradition that could turn into your new tradition.

Be together
The most special thing you could do for your loved one on Valentine’s is to be together. There is nothing that can beat spending quality time together full of happiness and laughter. You do not need to plan a grand gesture or spend a lot of money to show that you care. Just being together lets your loved one know they are not alone and will help reduce the feelings of loneliness.

Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate love and togetherness. There is no better way to do that then to surround yourself with those you love.  All of us at Cedarhurst Senior Living hope our residents and their families have a very Happy Valentine’s Day full of love and laughter.