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Let’s face it change is scary.  Moving out of your home is scary.  Sometimes, moving across the country to live near family can be scary.  How do the Cedarhurst communities make change a little less scary?

First, when you move to Cedarhurst, you bring your own furniture, wall hangings, pictures, towels, dishes, clothes, etc.  It is your apartment, your home from the moment you walk through the door.  Second, the staff at Cedarhurst is there to make your transition easier. This includes anything from helping you find your way around to dining with you to introducing you to other friends in our community to getting you involved in the different activities and entertainment.

Here are a few comments from our Cedarhurst residents who know how scary this change can be.

“My favorite part of our community is the people, socializing at meal times and activities.  If you are thinking about moving to Cedarhurst just do it, try it for yourself.”  – Carolyn M.

“I moved to Cedarhurst to be near my son.  I feel that this is a wonderful place to live.  I like everything about it.” – Virginia K.

“I decided to try Cedarhurst because it was new, clean and I needed more help.  My favorite part is the food, it is great!  It is my home now, I can’t imagine living anywhere else.  Come experience it for yourself and you will see.” – Gertrude J

“So far, my favorite part of living at Cedarhurst is the camaraderie with others.  My experience living here has been very good.  I would say if you are thinking about making the change to go ahead and try it, I did and it has been great.” – Scott L.

Our team at Cedarhurst hopes you will “give it a try”! We know you won’t be disappointed.