How we’re responding to the COVID-19 virus.

October was a wild and busy month at Benton House of Shoal Creek.  The hot weather really helped our vegetable gardens continue to grow and our Beacon residents loved the home grown ‘fried green tomatoes’ prepared by Chef Wilma. We kept the patio chairs busy in the beautiful fall weather and the front porch rocking chairs were seen rocking by themselves when the high winds found our country setting. As the fall weather settled in, we were out and about for scenic rides, a trip to the movies to see “Sully” and lunch at the Corner Café. The smiles and laughter preceded the residents as they got off the bus and headed to the dining room for another Friday afternoon happy hour. 

Now the hay bales and pumpkins have shown up at the doorstep as we welcome our new residents, Bob, Dorothy and Kay.  Since we are surrounded by “OUR” wonderful neighborhood, Benson Place, we see kids and grandkids stop in to spend time with their family members and meet new friends. When we have one of those cool rainy days, you can smell warm peach cobbler or apple pie.  It’s tough to say ‘no’ to that aroma.

And speaking of kids in the house, last Friday night was our ‘Boootiful’ Halloween party.  We had tricksters from the cradle to casket sneak past the goblins lurking at the front door. Our hat wearing resident, Joan, was ready for anything with her cowboy hat covered with feathers and you had to look really, really close to recognize Pat in her black gown and mask.  The tables were covered with treats, the cookies and punch disappeared faster than the ghosts and laughter raised the roof.  It was just too much fun!   We have just enough time to rest before the planning begins for our Thanksgiving feast.  See you then!